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Erupcion volcan Pichincha

Average Rating = 4.39/5 Erupcion volcan Pichincha

On October 7th, 1999, the Pichincha volcano gave an amazing spectacle to the people of Quito. This mushroom was tremendous, it had several miles high, and some hours later it broke into 5000 tons of ash that covered the city of Quito. The sky was clear, the eruption was not destructive, I had my camera ready, it was perfect. My dad took this picture, it was around 7 am.
Submitted by: nalo on 2002-09-16
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Alex at the Cotopaxi

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Alex at the Cotopaxi

This is my sister Alex taking a picture of the great Cotopaxi, the most popular volcano in Ecuador and one of the highests in the world. Im taking the picture. Right behind me there is a lake and we are at about 4400 mts. from sea level. It takes 20 min. to drive to this lake from the main highway, and it takes another 25 min. to get to a parking place where we begin our journey to the cotopaxi summit.
Submitted by: nalo on 2002-09-09
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view from the cotopaxi

Average Rating = 3.00/5 view from the cotopaxi

This is the Ruminiahui mountain. I took the picture from the lake at the Cotopaxi volcano. I am at about 4400 mts. of altitude. Around this area is posible to do biking, treking and camping. This is one of the many mountains of the andes that you can see from Cotopaxi.
Submitted by: nalo on 2002-09-09
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el verde reventador

Average Rating = 2.00/5 el verde reventador

I took the picture from the way down of the reventador. I was exhausted at this point, we were rushing before the sun goes away. We had just one flash light, and believe me, you dont want to be in the dark in the middle of the jungle. So when I took this picture everybody was mad and screaming at me not to stop walking, but hey! it is the only picture we got, it was raining most of the time.
Submitted by: nalo on 2002-09-09
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reventador at the summit

Average Rating = 3.25/5 reventador at the summit

After straight 8 hours of jungle and another 8 hours of rocks, Antonio, Luis, Mauricio and me made it to the summit. It was not very hard, but it was very long and tedious. At our left we could see the crater of this active volcano. Unfortunatelly it was cloudy. This volcano has only about 3900 mts. of altitude. What makes it hard is that you start walking from a very low point of altitude.
Submitted by: nalo on 2002-09-09
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