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End of the day

Average Rating = 3.94/5 End of the day

A climber coiling his rope after doing Papa Woolsey.
Submitted by: salparadise on 2004-04-15
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Unknown climber on SW corner.

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Unknown climber on SW corner.

I know that it's not the first photo of someone on this climb on this site, but what can I say, it's a pretty photogenic route and probably some of the best exposure at 5.6 anywhere. I wouldn't say that it's run-out, but I wasn't the first climber to comment on the trip between the 2nd (a ways under the roof) and the 3rd (a ways over the roof) bolts. Once you get it clipped you can enjoy the view!
Submitted by: salparadise on 2004-03-14
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Winter sun on El Cap

Average Rating = 3.77/5 Winter sun on El Cap

New! Larger size! Taken January 5th, 2004.
Submitted by: salparadise on 2004-02-06
Views: 1022 | Votes: 23 | Comments: 15
Incan Rainbow

Average Rating = 3.44/5 Incan Rainbow

I took this one while backpacking towards Salcantay in Peru a number of years ago. This woman was of Incan descent and lived at 15,000 feet surrounded by sky.
Submitted by: salparadise on 2004-01-11
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Obscured by clouds

Average Rating = 3.44/5 Obscured by clouds

Recent shot of halfdome after Yosemite's big snows last week (taken January 4th, 2004).
Submitted by: salparadise on 2004-01-09
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