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'Red One' @ Sabots

Average Rating = 3.00/5 'Red One' @ Sabots

This is Devon on the amazing red #13 in La Roche aux Sabots. The Red and Blue circuits are as good as they get in Fontainebleau, and the random sit-starts and variations make for some incredible climbing.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2006-01-07 | Last Modified: 2006-11-30
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Rocher de la Reine

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Rocher de la Reine

This is just one of the real quality problems in this area. It's not as easy to negotiate as the area Bois-Rond which is right across the path, but there are still great boulders like this 7a+ arete: 'Plumes au vent e depart'.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2006-01-07
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The Tiroir Boulder

Average Rating = 0.00/5 The Tiroir Boulder

In between a snow storm and a rain shower, we got in a good day of climbing... isn't that the story of Fontainebleau bouldering? Here is a German climber connecting the 'Tiroir' sit-start to the "L'angle Ghersen" finish in La Roche aux Sabots.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2006-01-07
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'Toutankhamon' 7a

Average Rating = 2.33/5 'Toutankhamon' 7a

This is a really fun and aesthetic roof at the top of the ridge in the area Rocher de la Reine.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2006-01-07
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Jet Set (7a) Fontainebleau

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Jet Set (7a) Fontainebleau

This must be one of the most popular problems in the Trois Pignons forest of Fontainebleau, and with good reason. There aren't many problems as fun as this.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2006-01-07
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James Litz on Diaphanous Sea v12

Average Rating = 3.20/5 James Litz on Diaphanous Sea v12

One of the best things about my trip to Hueco this Christmas was climbing with some really inspirational climbers. I climbed better because of the energy they were providing. James is a cool guy and quietly sent hard problems like this the entire time.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2003-01-28 | Last Modified: 2006-11-30
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Mantle crux

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Mantle crux

This is one of the unnamed classics near "The Orb". It is a fantastic problem that involves lots of hauling out the roof, and then this tricky sloper-mantle. Here is Jared McAlpin on this classic.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2003-01-15 | Last Modified: 2006-11-28
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Moon Phase V6

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Moon Phase V6

...climbing one more random problem on the thousands of "lost" boulders in the Chattanooga area. i still think the SouthEast has the best quality sandstone bouldering in the world... less polished than Fontainebleau.. WAY more solid than anything out west.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-12-04
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Little Bad Boulder

Average Rating = 3.75/5 Little Bad Boulder

Here is Tim Hinck on this hidden classic near "Campus Punks". The dazzling red sunset behind me made for a great effect in this self-potrait shot.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-12-03 | Last Modified: 2006-11-28
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The Stem Gem Problem

Average Rating = 3.50/5 The Stem Gem Problem

While on our trip to JTree we met up with many interesing characters like this Canadian hoodlum who was down with his goonish brother. They were great company and fine climbers. By the way, Stem Gem is much harder than it appears.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-07-18 | Last Modified: 2007-01-11
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Police Brutality

Average Rating = 3.73/5 Police Brutality

On a cold snowy day, Sam Lewis sent this problem for the camera. It is certainly one of the classic problems at Rocktown and lives up to its name as you can often hear the slaps echoing across the plateau.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-07-18 | Last Modified: 2006-11-28
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Nose Candy

Average Rating = 3.44/5 Nose Candy

This problem is the first good line you spot as you walk in to the Rocktown main boulders. Pinch, slope, and crimp your way up the dishes that litter this roof. Powerful and classic.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-07-18 | Last Modified: 2006-11-28
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Swimming a Sea of Green Lichen

Average Rating = 2.50/5 Swimming a Sea of Green Lichen

Here is Sara beginning a great traverse on a winter day at Rocktown.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-07-18
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The Cutting Edge

Average Rating = 3.38/5 The Cutting Edge

Here is Sam Lewis sending this rather hard but stunning arete. "The Cutting Edge" is located in the talus field just below the Chief in Squamish, B.C.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-07-16 | Last Modified: 2006-11-30
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It's About Time V6

Average Rating = 3.78/5 It's About Time V6

Sam and I really liked this problem in the boulderfield below the Chief. (Squamish, B.C.) This problem and "Airtight Garage" seemed to be the popular ones while we were up there.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-07-16
Views: 1056 | Votes: 29 | Comments: 7
Bookshelf Boulder, Grandmother Mountain

Average Rating = 3.60/5 Bookshelf Boulder, Grandmother Mountain

Tim Hinck enjoying the amazing, gymnastic overhangs of Grandmother Mountain in North Carolina.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-07-16
Views: 2313 | Votes: 5 | Comment: 1
Timhinck on Great White V7

Average Rating = 3.43/5 Timhinck on Great White V7

Here is one of my projects at Horse Pens 40. Though I've only worked on it once, I am drawn to this perfect arete. Maybe it's my real-life fear of sharks! Pinch the nose all the way up. It's a classic!
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-02-15 | Last Modified: 2006-11-30
Views: 920 | Votes: 7 | Comment: 1
Pope In A Cowboy Hat V4

Average Rating = 3.11/5 Pope In A Cowboy Hat V4

This is a stellar line put up by Chattanooga's own Luis Rodriguez. Here is my pal Benni who sent this scary slab, highball on his third try. The boy's getting strong!
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-02-07 | Last Modified: 2006-11-30
Views: 1189 | Votes: 9 | Comment: 1
Tim Hinck profile pic

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Tim Hinck profile pic

here i am at the base of another amazing route at Laurel Falls, Tennessee... this area has, in my opinion, the best quality sandstone in the Southeast. granite-hard, pure white, and super-sticky.... too bad you can't see it, but this is just a profile pic so you can identify me and say hi at the crag.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-02-02
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Bum Boy V5

Average Rating = 3.90/5 Bum Boy V5

This is John Gass slapping around on the perfect sandstone slopers at Horse Pens 40 in Alabama. The rock quality is as good as it looks and there is enough rock here to climb for months. It is the best boulderfield around.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-01-27 | Last Modified: 2006-11-30
Views: 1048 | Votes: 11 | Comments: 6
Millipede V7

Average Rating = 3.70/5 Millipede V7

This is a picture of Sam Lewis working "millipede V7". He finally got it (not on that trip) and it may be his finest accomplishment so far. The holds are even worse than they appear, but this problem is the epitomy of the quality sandstone slopers down
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-01-27 | Last Modified: 2006-11-30
Views: 968 | Votes: 10 | Comments: 3
Full Circle

Average Rating = 3.79/5 Full Circle

This is my pal Adam Litchfield doing the cruxy and very overhung start to "Full Circle" on the Diamond-In-The-Rough boulder. This was shot with Neopan.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-01-19 | Last Modified: 2006-11-28
Views: 1019 | Votes: 14 | Comments: 3
The Hobbit

Average Rating = 3.55/5 The Hobbit

Ryan Litchfield climbing one of the most classic lines at Rocktown. The Hobbit starts tough and ends even tougher, but in the middile is some steep jug hauling.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-01-19 | Last Modified: 2006-11-29
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Cobbles at Redstone, Colorado

Average Rating = 3.83/5 Cobbles at Redstone, Colorado

Another interesting feature of the rock at Redstone, Colorado is the cobbles of all sizes stuck into the beautiful red sandstone. These cobbles come in all sizes and are terribly slick. Here is a local, pulling down hard on a cobble traverse.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2001-11-23
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Untitled Handcrack

Average Rating = 3.20/5 Untitled Handcrack

On an early morning exploratory mission, I discovered yet another perfect handcrack that I just had to climb. Luckily there was a nice place to set up my camera for a shot.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2001-11-22
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