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Bridge Buttress Boulder 1

Average Rating = 2.67/5 Bridge Buttress Boulder 1

Me topping out on a nice easy climb. Fun warm up. Starts at Arrete, open palm the top edge, foot up to extra small flake, foot up to a two digit shallow pocket, flag left up, top out. FUUUUUUUN.
Submitted by: wv5ten on 2003-03-09
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Bridge Buttress Boulder 2

Average Rating = 2.17/5 Bridge Buttress Boulder 2

Fun slab, but iffy topout (for me). For some reason I can't trust it though its not bad. Utilizes shallow pockets and a flake that you can get a few fingers and a thumb on. Watch out for that hold, feels like it might break sometimes.
Submitted by: wv5ten on 2003-03-09
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Bridge Buttress Bouldering 3

Average Rating = 2.33/5 Bridge Buttress Bouldering 3

Same as Bridge Buttress 2, a move or two higher. Another good warm up if you just want to boulder around
Submitted by: wv5ten on 2003-03-09
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Average Rating = 3.75/5 Ascension

This is a work I did in Photoshop 6.0. It's an airbrushing of my friend Adam (looking off a picture taken by dbrayack). The rock was made in photoshop using the cloud/diff. cloud filter, lighting affects, and adjustments. Adam and his gear/rope/draws/bolts/etc are 100% airbrushed.
Submitted by: wv5ten on 2003-01-06
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Unfinished Airbrushing....

Average Rating = 3.38/5 Unfinished Airbrushing....

This is my newest project. Airbrushing a pic of a friend of mine at the new. Photo reference by eye, done 100% by optical mouse, photoshop 6, airbrush tool, dodge/burn tools, smudge tool, no filters. Once completed ill delete this unfinished one and send it in for artwork. enjoy! *cropped for size*
Submitted by: wv5ten on 2002-12-19
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wv5ten (profile)

Average Rating = 0.00/5 wv5ten (profile)

This me, and my roomate's side of the room. My side has a huge Jim Morrison wall hanging, two tribal masks, a krishna statue, and a picture of my gf heh. :)
Submitted by: wv5ten on 2002-12-02
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Matt working 500 pointer

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Matt working 500 pointer

This was taken at WVU's bouldering comp. This is my friend Matt Shreve working a 500 pointer (100-500 scale by 50's). I can't remember if he flashed this one or not, at most he nailed it on his second attempt.
Submitted by: wv5ten on 2002-11-17
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Bryan At Coop's (profile)

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Bryan At Coop's (profile)

This is a picture of me at Cooper's Rock taken by Dan after topping a problem.
Submitted by: wv5ten on 2002-11-12
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V2 at Tilted Tree

Average Rating = 2.64/5 V2 at Tilted Tree

This is me working a v2 problem at Tilted Tree @ Cooper's. Involves working the pockets and side pulling the crack, then sloper to topout. The topout is a mind-crux. Took a fall the attempt after this one from one more foot hold higher. Photo by Matt Word. I would also like to thank Adam's hands which appear in the photo.
Submitted by: wv5ten on 2002-11-06
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John working v5 arrete

Average Rating = 2.86/5 John working v5 arrete

This is my friend John working a (v4,v6) v5 arrete. (this is in question, as no one can quite agree yet, but its beyond my skill as of now, so I'll leave it to those guesses). Photo was taken by me with my digicam.(2.1 MP hp315) Unusual blurriness, but I still like it. (had to bring down quality in photoshop to make it under 80k)
Submitted by: wv5ten on 2002-11-06
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