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Now you can easily attach and retrieve carabiners and quickdraws instantly with the new SUPERCLIP. Weighs less than 2 ounces. Made from stainless spring steel, the Superclip is built to last. The innovative design holds virtually any standard size carabiner in the open position for attachment to an anchor or rope. To use, simply attach it to any standard extension pole then push a carabiner into the superclip. It will now hold your carabiner open for attachment to an anchor or rope. To retrieve your carabiner or quickdraw, simply position superclip under the carabiner or quickdraw and push up to engage. Patent pending. To connect a rope to a hanging biner or quickdraw. Tie a knot on one of the forks and pull out a loop from the knot. Raise the Superclip until the loop is around the biner. Pull the rope connected to the loop and the rope will lasso the biner. Some cams can actually pop right into the unit, add a small long cord to the trigger and you now can reach up and set a cam in a crack that is normally out of reach. And of course this trick should only be used as a life and death last resort. If under attack from Red Sonya, dinosaurs or fuzzy 2 headed rabbits, you can try this cool trick. Take a Black Diamond Oval and put your Petzl Spatha (the small one) on it, stick in the Superclip and you got a cool cromagnon style pike. When living in camp 4 and you get hungry or are in need for a little toke or brew, try using the Superclip for grabbing those high dollar aluminum cans from the dumpsters and trash cans. Personally I like an old oval with the hook end cut off. Just insert into the Superclip and volia! You got a supercan grabber! Using it while on route? Cut of the shrink tubing and bend the end wire out just a bit, being careful not to ruin the holdability. Now you can hook it to the anchor above you. Never carry or hang a Superclip on your harness while climbing for obvious reasons. To set a nut with the Superclip. Insert the nut and carabiner with the nut loop at the base of the carabiner and the nut pointing up. slip into the Superclip and slide the inch of slack from the nut down into the shrink tubing sleeve. this is good for a few times then it eventually wears out the sleeve. If the crack is sideways, you can pull the loop on the nut which will cause the nut to flip sideways for easier setting. And of course this trick should only be used as a life and death last resort

2 Reviews

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Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: saxfiend, 2006-04-18

This is a great stickclip, almost perfect in its simplicity and functionality. There's no moving parts to fiddle around with like on other clips I've used, and no gymnastics needed to release it after you've clipped the bolt. Just pull hard and it releases and the draw is in place. I do consider it overpriced considering how little there is to it, but it's so nice I still give it a five.

Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: butofcourse, 2004-10-05

The bent wire essentially squeezes your biner open, until you pull it off.
Works fine to place biners, although it's a little tough on the biner.
Removing a quickdraw, on the other hand, requires the rope to be taut through the draw, and a lot of skill. Good luck!

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