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Squid Stick Clip

Average Rating = 3.30/5 Average Rating : 3.30 out of 5
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Squid Stick Clip
Manufacturer: Trango

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The Squid a is a stick clip which does an elegant job of clipping out-of-reach bolts and allows you to UN-CLIP ‘biners from those same bolts. If you don’t believe in karma, the Squid can pay for itself in recovered draws in just a few days: for the karma conscious, the Squid will load up your karma bank faster than you can help a little old man across the street. “Fingers” at the end of the pivot-arm grab the gate and open it with a pull, letting you take the ‘biner out of the bolt. If the draw is already hanging, a clever set of arms will hold your rope so you can clip it into the draw. Be careful though; in some states you could be busted for possession of burglary tools.

The Squid will work with any standard paint pole. We recommend the 8' 2-piece Mr. LongArm ProPole. The pole needs to be stiff; the Squid will not work with a tent pole.

10 Reviews

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Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: p0bray01, 2006-04-13

Well I have never owned another stick clip and it was either get this or a fat bastard crash pad....I dont do a whole lot of bouldering so I went with the squid. You definitely have to play around with it to figure out how it works but after a few times at the crag (or gym for practice) this thing is quite nice. The plastic does feel cheap but my girl friend wussed out on theis 20 foot first bolt and used the squid with ease from a stance about 4 feet off the deck (dont ask) ANyway she dropped it...and the thing stood up to it..I am impressed. Per someones comments about geting the draws off...I think it is easier than putting them on...and I dont use the rope clip arms I just clip the rope before I hang the draw. Overall a decent little product that can protect a groundfall or ease you Gf's mind while shes leading. 4 Biners for me!

Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: bler, 2005-07-22

I used my friends squid for a few months and loved the thing, so I decided to purchase one for myself.

Our first trip out with my new squid, the first bolt I stick clip, one of the rope arms BROKE! first clip, and i've used the squid dozens of times before ! So I tell my buddy to grab his, and he told me HIS BROKE TOO the other week ! I'm sure it will get replaced, but it still sucked :(

this is a great product, works very well and is a valuable tool, maybe we've just had bad luck :(

still the best stick clip i've used to date.. good product

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: fracture, 2004-07-27

Works great for removing draws, which is quite useful for some routes around here which you have to otherwise downfall/downclimb to clean. However, it's not quite as good as a metal clamp from home depot when it comes to putting draws on or putting the rope into a draw. The breakable-plastic construction and the price are big disadvantages. Definitely beats the crap out of the epic stick clip, though.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: unabonger, 2004-05-10


I've now used this for many weekends of sport climbing at the New. Remember, it won't work at all with wire gates biners. It works fine with Petzl Spirit biners. Practice makes perfect.

I've found the hardest part is getting it to release the biner after clipping through the hanger eye. Seems to work if you push up to close the gate, then twist out.

The whole apparatus is cheap feeling plastic. I'm pretty sure crucial parts will break before I've gotten my moneys worth.

Clipping the rope through a hanging draw is still a bit difficult. With my Mammut 10mm the rope won't stay clamped-maybe this thing only really works with big fat ropes?

Removing a hanging draw is useful, despite petsfeds, comments. Maybe he's never had to clean a very overhung route, where if you lower enough to clean bolt #1, you are looking at a pendulum into the ground....


Review 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: chuffinator, 2004-04-23

Expensive,flimsy nuff said.

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