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Nepal S.A. Ice Axe

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Nepal S.A. Ice Axe
Manufacturer: Grivel

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Grivel Nepal S.A. Ice Axe Spring 2009 The Nepal S.A. by Grivel mates a standard Nepal head to a shaft that is slightly curved over its entire length. S.A. is shorthand for self-arrest and this axe was specifically designed to improve security while descending a snow slope -- when most falls occur -- and to arrest a slide more aggressively if the climber does fall. When a climber is descending, facing out, and holding the axe in the arrest position the shallow curve throughout the length of the shaft allows the axe to be driven in to a more secure position. Once placed, the curved shaft offers more holding power than a straight shaft resistance is perpendicular to applied force so the geometry of a curved shaft is better than straight since the shafts final position has more snow between it and failure. That same curve gives the pick a more aggressive bite when the climber pulls outward on the lower part of the shaft during an actual self-arrest. The axe is B-rated and features a forged and welded, carbon steel head mated to light alloy shaft. It is delivered with the Long Leash. Specs Tech: Blade: classic, negative Materials: carbon steel Construction: hot-forged blade, welded adze CE - Shaft Resistance: 270 kg B

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