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Average Rating = 3.75/5 Average Rating : 3.75 out of 5
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The Mega is a traditional board lasted climbing shoe designed for crack climbing, edging, multi-pitch climbs and alpine rock routes. Its asymmetrical roomy toe profile is perfect for crack climbing. A leather midsole allows the highest edging precision on small footholds. The modified slingshot rand gives an awesome heel fit and our super sticky XSV rubber grips like a vise. Its unparalleled comfort makes this the ideal shoe to wear all day. With its sturdy, rugged construction the Mega holds up to whatever you can throw at it and will easily survive multiple resolings.

Color: Blue/Gray
Upper: Leather/Lorica
Construction: Board Lasted
Last: RN50
Lining: Dentex
Sole: 5mm XSV/1.8mm XSV Rand
Midsole: 2mm Salpa
Insole: 3mm Leather
Weight: 23 oz.
Sizes: 34-48 (incl. half sizes)

4 Reviews

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La Spotriva Mega Dru 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: dirko, 2006-11-19

The Mega Dru is the Mega with a Vibram lug sole. It is the best wall shoe you can buy. I found mine on Ebay but I've never seen them in a store. Sized appropriately and worn with socks, they can be worn for approaches and descents. They climb well up to 5.10 as lond as you don't have to smear too much. Whenever you have to bust a free move out of your aiders, it like having turbo compared to climbing in approach shoes. Being board lasted, they are stiff enough for hours in the aiders. I free climb in these shoes often, but only on Yosemite-style crack routes. After several walls, they are still in great shape. Great Nose-in-a-day shoe.

What's grim: The laces pass through small metal grommets. I tore one on some crack and it is going to destroy my lace before long. The rands are delaminating a little quickly.

The best wall shoe, period. Two years later, they are still turning my socks blue.

Mega's 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: moose_droppings, 2006-11-14

I got a pair on sale at STP for $45. They edge on a dime, great in cracks and are all day comfortable. The rand on mine kept coming delaminated, but LaSportiva honored their warranty and fixed them once, and replaced them a second time. They still kept coming apart with little use and I got tired of the turn-around time (8 weeks) it took LaSportiva to fix or replace them. Their now in a pack as a backup pair to my 5.10's that don't come apart. So the two pairs I had experience with get a 2 for workmanship.

La Sportiva's Mega high tops 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Jbitz, 2006-11-14

A comfortable, all day shoe. I found them difficult to stick on small sloper footholds compared to other shoes I have owned. Edges pretty well. Rand was a little too thin in one spot and wore through quickly (4 months). But worth having resoled. It is no longer being manufactured and thus difficult to find. Paid $59 for them while on cleareance at the La Sportiva website.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: legoushka, 2005-04-23

My first pair of climbing shoes - bought them for $20 at a North Face clearance, and they are worth every penny. Great for cracks because you can securely jam your feet/toes in without discomfort and the high-top aspect protects your ankles from wear and tear. Stiff soles are good for medium to large edges, but don't allow for any foot movement or sensitivity on the more delicate holds.

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