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Average Rating = 4.75/5 Average Rating : 4.75 out of 5
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"This XXL crash pad makes other extra-large crash pads seem both small and cumbersome in comparison. It's 48" x 72" x 6" size makes it the biggest, beefiest pad on the market, and with one inch of closed-cell foam stacked on top two layers of 2.5" open-cell foam it's impossible to bottom out. Even so, the falls are soft as butter from 2' or 20'. The Mondo's unique hinge design makes it a piece of cake to close, stuff and carry. Other pads require body slams to get them to close and then they never lay flat when they're open. Not the Mondo; flick it closed with your pinkie finger, then flick it open for the smoothest crash landing, or the best night's sleep, you ever had. No other large pad is this easy or this bomber. Fits perfectly in the bed of a pickup or under your Grandma's woody. Built with the same top-quality materials as the Drop Zone."

- Franklin Climbing website

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Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: ocean, 2006-09-14

Ok I've had the Mondo "one" for now a little under 3 years. Since that time I think its the best pad I have in my quiver, (And I've got a lot of freaking pads.) As far as falling out of the sky 35 feet up its nice to see that big red pad... BUT here is what makes the pad not so hot.

The straps suck and are meant of people taller and broader in the shoulders then myself. Mind you I'm 5'10", and my shoulders are not what I would call small. Also the padding or lack of padding makes this a real monster to haul around on long approaches.

The Fold design could have been better designed. Although I have no rolled my ankle on it I have friends that have and when your falling that high and that fast your often not going to think about your foot placement... if your happen to land feet first.

Also the foam now after three years of weekly use is starting to die (AKA I bottomed out the other say on a high ball). Now mind you this pad has not spent its weeks in a sun baking car or anything like that. So I'm a bit annoyed to say the least.

Finally stuffing gear in the middle. This pad is not meant to carry gear well or with any sense of security. so if you do carry gear in, shoes, water bottles, brushes, cameras, and snacks... throw them all in bags and beaner the hell out of them.

But if your going to work on highballs or your just scared of hitting the ground and you have the cash. This monster pad did me well for 3 years and I would not trade that time for anything.

"Abstract art: a product of the untalented sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered."
Al Capp

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: hilikus, 2005-10-26

Simply a wonderful pad. I have yet to bottom out on falls up to 12 feet, haven't fallen from higher. Also an excellent bed, I used it in Joshua Tree for three nights and woke up every morning well rested with no kinks in my neck or a stiff back. It does get caught on things here and there but overall it isn't too difficult to carry and definately worth the hassel. If your looking into buying a big pad, Just get it.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: gretchino, 2005-03-08

I love this pad. I had a hell of time getting it (I have the Mondo 2) but it was well worth the wait. I sleep on it in my tent, use it as a couch, and oh yeah, boulder with it!

I cannot praise this pad enough. The red side is uber stiff and shock absorbing for those highball falls, while the black side is perfectly firm for sleeping and shorter falls.

Not to mention walking around with it, you get noticed! WONDERFUL PRODUCT!

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: coldclimb, 2004-11-13

I have nothing bad to say about this pad. It's plenty thick, plenty soft, plenty big, plenty light, plenty spacious, plenty good looking, and just plain awesome! Makes a nice gigantic bed, a great fireside bench, an awesome stunt landing zone, and oh yeah, it's great for bouldering too! I love mine. Had a huge hassle to get it shipped to Alaska though, so it might not be a good travel pad.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: grayrock, 2004-09-07

This pad is great! When things get a little sketchy and you look down, you see a big target there; fears melt away and you go for it. When I fall on the Mondo I expect it to spring back like some pads do, but this pad is like a shock absorber; it is like droping onto an air bag. This pad decelerates you very nicely.

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