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The Moonlight has quickly proven itself to be THE lightweight LED lamp of choice. And why not? It’s got four (count ‘em FOUR) super-bright LEDs, a tilt housing allowing you to direct your light source and a comfortable headband that fits easily over beanies and helmets. The Moonlight’s compact design can go anywhere virtually unnoticed and when worn, it’s so light and comfy…you may forget you’re wearing it! Batteries included. Compact and stormproof LED headlamp Tilt housing directs light where you want it Slip-resistant, adjustable headband for comfort

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Review 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: tces550, 2005-12-23

It is going to hell,
At least in headlamps. i had moonlight, it is simply dont works anymore...i talk to bd retailers, they said it was advised in the manual, "it will no work in saline areas.." and dont change the garget... fuck that....they shoud not sold it for a places like rio de janeiro/brazil , it is very soft against "saline air".... Soo why petz and even colemans hold?? B&D headlamps is a gargets.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: wallabass, 2005-12-07

lightweight, cheep and strong

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: blue_ice, 2004-09-18

Light weight, brite lite and excellent battery life. I got mine on sale for less than 15 bucks. I've paid more than that for a less functional, heavier flashlight that requires a hand to carry it. Buy one of these, you won't be sorry.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: daisuke, 2004-06-12

I have owned 2 of these headlamps, the first one I bought around 2 years ago, it was the original version without the adjustable brightness, and that one lasted me around a year, with only one change of batteries, it got stolen and after that I bought a new one, this time with the adjustable brightness feature, something which I have rarely used (maybe because I haven't gotten out as much as before) but might come in handy were I to use it more.

I preffer the moonlight over other LED headlamps because of the over-the head strap and the battery pack in back, at least in the sporting field, it makes it more stable on the head than say, the tikka or the aurora and it doesn't bob up and down when running with it or scrambling over rocks. The light the moonlight puts out is sufficient for trail hiking and for climbing at night, and the swivel feature comes in extremely handy no matter where you use it (useful enough that petzl decided to copy into their new tikka design). There isn't enough light to see long distances, however the moonlight and all other LED-only headlamps are designed for long-lasting burn times and for campsite and close-in use. The diffuse light of the LEDs (no dark patches in your beam) is also very welcome and after a few months of use, you'll actually find yourself annoyed when using a regular bulb-powered headlamp and wishing for LEDs

The rear mounted battery pack does become more of a pain when using it around a campsite, either when propping against something or while lying down to read or rest. this is the reason I don't give it a 5 (I'd give it a 4.5 if I could).

Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: cliffhanger9, 2004-06-05

Just got one of these brand new on for $11 so i cant really complain ;) - anyway, has an adantage over the Petzl Tikas because of the tiltable head and 3 strap design won't come down around your neck

4 LEDs are super bright and work well for setting up camp or early approaches. The LEDs however dont have much distance range though so forget about looking up from a belay and being able to see your climber. Also there is no way to replace the LEDs if you burn one out unless you send it back to Black Diamond but i am confident that they will last forever (as is their nature, LEDs basically never burn out )

Apparently there is a new one with different lighting settings - maybe that explains the $11 deal cause i only have the single setting one. oh well.
this will probably become my backup because i really want a <a href="">hybrid lampEDIT-- 5/2006: this lamp has basically died on me. cant remember if it has a warranty or not - I seem to have abused it pretty harshly and messed up the wiring. if you pull it or hold it the right way it sometimes works but...its more of a hassle than its worth. May have been fixed in the newer model. Not sure, but it has served me well considering the 11$ I paid for it. I really want a hybrid anyway.

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