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Review by: chalkbag, 2003-10-14

If you are looking for the crappiest climbing jacket design ever, go with Sierra Designs PeakBagger. Seriuosly, are they the first guys ever to come up with the idea of pockets in a climbing jacket? No?? So why on earth are the hand pockets placed exactly, perfectly, ideally right where the harness belt is? And what's the deal with those pockets being "zippered ventilating"?? Like, it got a little hot, let me just open those pockets... Oops, hey, where did all my stuff go? BTW, the zipper on those pockets is from top to bottom, which makes it absolutely impossible to close them when the jacket is tucked underneath the harness. And if you think the chest pocket will work, you are right, it will - as a Pez dispenser. The ingenuous design ensures that the bottom part of the really deep chest pocket gets squeezed by the harness belt too. So the moment you open it, the built-in spring action conveniently throws the contents right in your face. I used the jacket during my trip to Peru this summer. Within a single day, I dropped my radio twice (it miraculously landed on my feet both times) and my camera with a nearly completed roll of film (landed some 700 ft below me according to the topo) - all three times they just slipped out of various pockets. Needless to say, I was rather frustrated - I never dropped a thing from the HellyHansen jacket I used for the previous four years.

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