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Pitch Video Magazine

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Pitch is a quarterly DVD magazine by climbers for climbers. It is not about who is pulling the hardest moves or soloing the sickest route without getting killed... because we portray the real world of climbing. From bouldering and sport to traditional and bigwall, Pitch gives you an authentic look at people, places, joys and fears that encompass climbing today.

3 Reviews

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Review 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: sidepull, 2006-06-23

The review got me interested but, like skinner, visiting the site really deflated that excitement. Seems like they're not doing this quarterly. Bummer - another "could have been cool" multimedia opportunity for climbers down the drain.

Will smackmag ever return and save us?

Review 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: skinner, 2006-02-27

I went to the Ology Productions website and found umm... not much. Not even a single trailer! You mean they expect people to fork over $20 for some unknown video, based on a few still photos and, oh ya lets not forget...
"Hilarious mockumentary" and " This film Takes dirt bagging to a new level"

Good Luck with that !

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: j_ung, 2005-11-30

[b]Full Disclosure: The company that manufactured this equipment provided it free of charge to and then provided it as compensation to the reviewer for his or her review. This company currently advertises on[/b]
Ever have a wow-I-wish-I-thought-of-that moment? You know the kind, when somebody presents an idea that is such an obvious winner that you kick yourself for not thinking of it first. I’m having one of those moments as I watch the first issue of, [i]Pitch Video Magazine[/i], the brainchild of Producers, Trey Chase, Chris Faulkner and crew of Ology Productions.

[i]Pitch[/i] has what many other climbing vids lack, namely diversity of areas and an ongoing (quarterly) format. The first issue, Fall 2005, runs the gamut of styles and areas from southeastern trad climbing to New River sport routes, Wyoming alpine rock and Squamish bouldering. This issue’s brightest moments come during the stunning Squamish piece ([i]Straight Outta Squampton[/i]) and the mag’s bonus video, [i]Reflections of a Solo Sheepherder[/i], a hilarious mockumentary about a Carolina aid soloist training for an ascent of Looking Glass Rock’s imposing Brain Wall. I once heard it described, I think by user [user]iamthewallress[/user] that watching aid climbing is a little like turtle porn. It’s very exciting... if you’re a turtle. And yet, this short feature climaxes in a perfectly-timed, sudden switch from goofiness to seriousness as the main character climbs his target route in a beautiful montage of stunning clips. If [i]that’s[/i] turtle porn, excuse me while I spend a little j_ung time inside my shell.

[i]Pitch[/i] has a little way to go before it’s perfect, however. Its biggest shortfall is the cinematography of its other pieces. For one, the New River Gorge section is poorly rigged, with few decent climbing shots and a handful of cheesy interviews that would have been best if left out entirely. In fact, most of the mag’s interviews begin with the phrase, “Here we are at…” which translated means, “I have nothing important to say.” Pointed questions about the history of the each area and the character of the climbing in each segment would be appreciated. Nate B probably needs to script and rehearse his Random Tidbit a tiny bit more before shooting it. It’s subject, Canadian border crossing, would have been more interesting if he had. But, the tech tip, which I assume will be included each quarter, is a nice adaptation of a tried and true magazine component and the Pitch certainly makes a successful effort to appeal to a wide variety of climbers.

Faulkner and crew are close to perfection with this, in that their concept is a great one. (Who doesn’t like climbing videos? Who doesn’t like climbing mags?) Once they polish their technique, Pitch Video Magazine will be high on my list of best climbing periodicals. It’s available at the Ology website for $19.99 per issue or, I assume, one can subscribe. Ology Productions also produces paddling vids and the issue I have includes a trailer for their latest. If you cross over to water sports, be sure to check that out, too. [/size]

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