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SCARPA Marathon

Average Rating = 3.60/5 Average Rating : 3.60 out of 5
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We’re always looking for two things from our rock shoes: performance and comfort. Well, the Marathon delivers on both counts. Extremely comfy and user-friendly, the Marathon has a supportive arch and a relaxed heel. The integrated PU heel wedge supplies an amazing amount of comfort during belays and talus descents, while the polypropylene midsoles provide both support and flex. And while these shoes don’t take long to break in, the polypropylene midsoles maintain their functional characteristics over time…even after multiple resoles. Great performance, great comfort = great shoes.

New, all-day, comfort-based shoe
Heel wedge for added comfort
Great for longer-than-average routes

5 Reviews

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Review 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: skinner, 2005-06-23

Perhaps it's just me, but it seems that the SCARPA Marathon was made for people with very wide feet, especially across the toes. I found the front of the shoe always bunched up once laced. Oddly enough, although the toe box appeared loose, it felt like your toes were being pinched. It was extremely uncomfortable and within 20 minutes of lacing them up, I couldn't wait to get them off. I began to refer them as, "The cruel shoes" after a standup routine by Steve Martin.
I was expecting better performance out of the rubber then I received, which became all too apparent when I attempted to lead a friction pitch. Personally after buying and trying all the shoes available in this style, these ranked the lowest on my list in fit, comfort, and performance.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: toml, 2005-05-13

I have now owned 6 pairs of climbing shoes and these are my day-to-day outdoor climbing shoe.
I have wide feet and they fit my feet quite well.
They also climb harder than I thought they would; I have climbed up to 5.10 in them (I don't climb much harder than that! I'm sure 5.12 climbers could pull 5.10 in them easily). However, I do tend to pull out some other shoes when climbing much beyond 5.8.
(I spend a lot of time climbing trad 5.3-5.8 in the Gunks, or alpine routes.) FOR THEIR PURPOSE, as an all-day moderate climbing shoe, they are outstanding, if they fit you. Extremely comfortable and climb well enough. Also the five-star lace-up system is a bonus - it's super easy to take them on and off, which I do on hot days.
Epic_ed rates them poorly since they don't fit his feet. Well, what did you expect?
I do get very yellow feet though - more amusing than anything else. And certainly preferable to sore toes a the end of the day like when climbing 10 hours in any other shoe I've had.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: andrewbanandrew, 2005-02-17

I bought these because they were $50 used and they happened to fit well. These are my first and only pair of shoes so I don't have anything to compare them to except gym rentals, but they fit will for me in the toe. I have climbed mostly in the gym (TR ~5.10d consistently) and find that these shoes are more than adequate. However, they do tend to 'delaminate' from my feet on overhanging routes (e.g. shoe loses contact with my skin, causing my foot to shift a bit in the shoe). This is more of a problem on my right foot than my left foot (left foot is bigger).

They are extremely comfortable, however, and I have worn them for 6 hours straight in the gym. I figure they must be at least halfway decent because they're certainly not the limiting factor in my climbing ability.

Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: epic_ed, 2004-04-29

Bought them to see how they compared to the Hueco (got a killer deal on them). The narrow toe box allows for better crack climbing than the Hueco, but that's the only area the excel in IMO. The Marathon just doesn't fit my foot very well through the toe box. My toes on both feet get pinched and if I wear them for more than one pitch, I end up with some mighty sore feet. So much for replacing my all day trad shoe. In addition, the rubber isn't as sticky as the 5.10s and they didn't climb slab as well as the Huecos for this reason. Great support and they edge well, but there are better shoes on the market for my feet in this category.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: frantik, 2004-02-17

I got a pair on pro deal a year ago to use on long trad routes and have been wearing only them. The most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. They are stiff and edge very well but are supple enough for thin smears and tiny pockets. The heal supports well and enables you to walk around in them. Only two cons: yellow feet and not the stickyest rubber.(resole with stealth)

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