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Average Rating = 4.33/5 Average Rating : 4.33 out of 5
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Manufacturer: Bufo

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Features radical downturned toe, assymetric lasting, killer hooking heal cup, paint on fit, and mucho sex appeal! This extreme lady deserves its "V" rate taming name. Excels on steep, gnarly problems. Huge friction, great edging and pimpy style make it our best model ever! See the jazzy reviews from the links on the main page.

6 Reviews

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Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: whitribj, 2006-06-26

Excellent performance for a good price (I think they have come down from what is listed above, I paid closer to $60). They have some rubbing due to the overlapping flaps but it isn't unbearable.

Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: rwallace, 2005-11-24

This shoe has a thin mid-sole. If you want to strenghten your feet fast then this is the shoe for you. I am not impressed with the rubber and plan to have mine resoled soon. I also had problems with the toungue bunching up. And no that is not because they are to big. I can't fit into the next smaller size. I like the shoes for bouldering and the sensitivty is good but they don't smear well at all.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: gearsighted, 2004-12-04

Ugh, unfortunately I bought these too small...otherwise they are the best deal in a rock shoe that I've found. Excellent construction throughout, not a stich unfinished or out of place. The rubber is quite sticky, but still relatively durable, and the heel has ample stick for hooking. The only downsides I found were the seam directly over the pinky area, which tends to rub, and the softness which negates precise edging. But these shoes are really for overhangs and smearing, and for that, they are tops!! I would recommend Bufos to anybody, they are extremely helpful over the phone, and they make an excellent product at a fair price!!!

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: symbiosissol, 2004-11-17

Well the Bufo V-Machines came in the mail the other day. I was a little apprehensive reguarding finding the correct fit since I did not have the opportunity to try them on before purchasing. Luckly however, the size 40 (euro) are great. My Miura's are 42.5 and are just a little too big. The toe box is shaped very well to my feet and there are little to no gaps around the heel. The shoes edge well, but different from my Miura's. It took a little time to find out just where they work and where they dont, but I dont see this as a problem. The rubber is actually stickier then what I expected and what I was told. I guess people assume that since the Bufo gym rental shoes are indestructible and hard as a rock those would be too. I think the v-machine rubber is stickier then the Miura's. After about an hour or so of hard climbing my big toes were a bit numb and my feet had a slight tint of orange. Overall dispite being a little painfull (but every shoe I have had were painfull the first time I wore them) I am very happy with these shoes. Anyone who hasnt considered or heard of the Bufo V-Machines should give them a strong look.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: jdean, 2004-09-27

I recently purchased a pair of these and I have to say my initial impressions are really good. The rubber is a bit harder than I am used to, but it's still pretty sticky. I got the shoe 1/2 size smaller than my street shoe and it fits nicely enough, but I figure the unlined leather upper to do a bit of stretching in the near future. I will probably go a full size down on my next pair. The construction so far looks super solid except that it bunches a bit around the buckle when you cinch the velcro down. The shoe has a nice camber with a precise toe and is pleasantly aggresive without being uncomfortable (I think this is mainly due to the fact that I didn't get them as tight as I normally do though). I have a narrow foot the whole way up and this shoe really fits it nicely. The heel has the "hooker" ribs like those found on the Mad Rocks, allowing for some nice heel hooks. For the price, this shoe really can't be beat. I think they will by far outlast my Mad Rock Locos which blew out in less than 6 months and I definitely will be purchasing another pair when this pair wears out.

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