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Average Rating = 2.80/5 Average Rating : 2.80 out of 5
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The Zenix Headlamp is the first all-LED headlamp to introduce "HyperBright" LED technology. These "HyperBright" LEDs are compact, incredibly energy efficient and provide five times more light than traditional LEDs. Their energy efficiency results in a reduced environmental impact, because battery changes are less frequent and LEDs never need to be replaced. We’ve designed the Zenix Headlamp to generate an intense, focused beam of LED light—a beam that rivals that of lower-wattage xenon bulbs. This lamp incorporates a “lensed” Hyperbright LED that is flanked on each side by a SuperBright LED; a switch allows the user to toggle between the SuperBright LEDs for proximity illumination and the lensed HyperBright LED for beam-throwing light. Unlike xenon bulbs, LEDs never need to be replaced. Waterproof to IPX standards and weighing a mere 90 grams, the Zenix sets a new standard in backcountry hands-free lighting. A great option for the user who wants an energy efficient, beam-projecting headlamp. Approximate burn time of 12-15 hours at full strength, and 140 hours on two SuperBright LEDs. Reengineered battery pack holds 3 AAA batteries. Weights: Without batteries: 90 g With batteries: 125 g

5 Reviews

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Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: mysty429, 2005-02-24

I have used this product many times for camping and hiking... and I love it. the weight distribution is actually a plus for me since it does not tend to want to tip forward. When mounted on my helmet for climbing it is not noticeable. I am getting ready to take it big wall climbing and hope it works as well as it has thus far.

Review 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: emtclimber, 2004-08-17

I just got this as a temporary fix to a MYO 3 belt that I lost on my last climbing trip... Not a bad headlamp, but what you get for the cost, I wouldn't get it again.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: tim, 2004-04-11

I've been very happy with mine; surprised that others felt it was so disappointing. The hyperbright bulb works pretty well, but I was unhappy to discover that the range is about 30-35m with it, rather than the 50m that Black Diamond initially promised. I was hoping to get acetylene brightness, LED burn time, and negligible weight, but instead I just ended up with a nice headlamp that works really well for my needs. If you want something really bright stick with halogen (something like the Space Shot or Myo3), if you want super-light the Ion is $20 and you can will not notice it tied around the beltloop of your chalkbag. But after a few months, I have not yet had an issue with the Zenix, and coupled with rechargeable AAA batteries, I have used it a LOT. Whether this is a good headlamp at $36 (cheapest I've seen it) really depends on what you intend to use it for.

Review 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: wlderdude, 2004-02-20

The "hyper bright" LED isn't noticably brighter than the 2 small LEDs.
The LED itself (Luxeon Star) is a really bright LED, but Black Diamond really messed up the design of this headlamp and they can't get very much light out of it. You need a heatsink to get anywhere near halogen brightness out of this type of LED, which this headlamp does not have.
Perhaps you could modify it to make it good.
If it were $20, it might be worth buying, but at $45, forget it!

Review 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: aikibujin, 2003-04-04

The new 1-watt LED on the BD Zenix doesn't appear to be brighter than the regular LEDs, but it does produce a tighter beam of light and thus projects out farther than the regular LEDs. It is a step up from other LED headlamps like the Aurora and the Tikka in terms of light projection for night navigation in tricky terrain. It is not as bright as halogen, but the battery life is much better.

Compare to the only similiar product on the market at this time, the PT Yukon HL (as of Mar 26, 2004), the "hyper bright" LED on the Zenix is less bright and produce a blue-ish light. The Zenix is more compact and cheaper than the Yukon HL, but overall I think the Yukon HL is a better headlamp for the money. The Zenix uses 3 AAA batteries to save space and weight, instead of the 3 AAs on the Yukon HL. So it makes no sense to me to use a seperate battery pack on the Zenix! The seperate battery pack and the connected wire makes it heavier and bulkier than necessary.

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