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The idea behind the Zealot is purity: storm protection thatís as light and packable as possible. Itís the result of backcountry trips that demand a choice between risking it in a light wind shell or carrying a needlessly heavy jacket. You wonít have to make that choice at the trailhead anymore, and you can tell your friends you have the lightest Gore-Texģ jacket in the world.

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Carry less weight! Eat more ham! 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: hosh, 2008-06-14

One of the lightest (the lightest?) Gore-Tex hard shells on the market. I got mine a bit ago and have worn it in some pretty good Juneau Rain. It's held up just fine so far. It's obviously not intended for keeping you warm, since it's so thin. It works well at keeping the rain out though. Caveats? Only one pocket. But if you're buying this jacket, you should have already known that and considered it. I've found that the chest pocket is sufficient for my needs. Also, the protective strip of fabric behind the zipper tends to "roll" into the zipper. Not really a problem, just a minor annoyance. I've also had some trouble with the hood, as it's a little too big to be a good hood without a helmet, but a little too small to work really well with a helmet. I guess it's somewhere in the middle of really good and really lame. The zipper is a little hard to thread every once in a while but once it's threaded, it zips just fine. Things I like? It's so dang light! It packs super small and takes up no room in the pack. There's no reason not to bring this jacket along. Quantitatively, I had more negative to say. Qualitatively, I had more to say positively. I love this jacket and would highly recommend it as a light rain shell.

Also worth noting is the fit. It's cut a little larger than most other garments in the same size (I'm a size "M"). I don't mind this, as It isn't too bulky, just a little more fabric than I'm used to. On the other hand, I can wear it over my DAS parka in the winter... That's worth money in a temperate rain forest climate like South East AK.

Should you get this jacket? Yes if you believe in fast and light. Yes if you ever left your hard shell at home because of weight issues then got soaked because the storm that was supposed to be a arriving tomorrow came early. Yes if you have the extra $$ to spend (approx $200). Yes if you have a long approach to a virgin trad line and you're stuck carrying the rack. Yes if you've ever used your nut tool as a fork. Now you can bring the jacket AND the fork. No if you like form over function. No if you like bells and whistles. No if you read Urban Climber instead of Alpinist. No if you only climb sport; your pack should already be light enough without the cams and/or ice tools. No if you see people hiking through the woods with climbing gear and you ask them, "Are you going to do some rappelling?"

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