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B-52 Belay Device popular

Average Rating = 4.48/5 Average Rating : 4.48 out of 5
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B-52 Belay Device
Manufacturer: Trango

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In developing the B-52ô we didn't stop designing when we got a device that had great stopping power. That part was easy. The rockered bottom of the B-52ô allows you to stop falls with solid authority, regardless of what rope diameter youíre using. From there we went on to tweak it so it has an almost frictionless and jam-free feed. Nobody wants to get pumped hauling rope through a belay device so we made sure that the feed was easy and smooth. Additionally, itís next to impossible the get a rope jam when youíre feeding rope, so short-roping your leader is a thing of the past. --Trango

31 Reviews

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Great Device 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: johnwesely, 2009-10-29

I bought this for belaying a second. At first I was concerned because it was very difficult to pull slack through, but then, I switched the carabiners up some and it pulls like a dream. Lowering a weighted climber is really easy. It takes about 20 seconds to set up.

Good, but not great 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: tintin, 2008-05-19

Overall, I'm happy with the B-52 in most situations except when belaying a heavier climber on a smaller diameter rope on sports routes. I've found that the rope tends to want to run a little too smoothly and just the other day I let my climbing buddy down a little too quickly in the last 2-3 metres of his descent because the 9.8mm rope we were using just ran through my hands. Other than that, it's been great - it's my preferred belay device for smaller/lighter climbers. Feeding rope to a leader is extremely smooth. One little niggle - I have found that if the break rope slides around to the corner or around the corner of the belaying edge of the device, it introduces rope twist when letting a climber down. Otherwise, it's a pretty good device!

B-52 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Schimke, 2008-02-29

This belay device is great, just got one and cant keep my hands off it!
Smooth feeding and easy blocking, what more could you ask for.
Even when im not climbing or using it,I just look at it

Sad but true

Trango B52 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: sylvanrocks, 2007-11-20

This is another device that I just had to buy and try, but not sure what Iíll do with it now. It seems to be a great backup device for guiding, as you can offer a leader a silky smooth belay and rappel beautifully with it. It even does a heck of a job belaying one follower, but doesnít seem the best for working with 2 followers and Iíve never figured out how to release a loaded system with one of these. I understand it all in theory, but never truly worked it out on the rocks. You can find great instructions on the Trango website . So I guess Iím not a very big fan, and wouldnít recommend that you rush out and buy one when there are so many other good devices that do what the B52 does. As a whole I think Trango climbing gear is super great equipment at a fair price, but with this piece, I think Iíll stick with my Kong Gi-Gi until Iíve got enough time on my hands to figure this one out.

Great on everything exept old ropes 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: at-jefft, 2007-09-28

I have been using this belay device for about 2-3 years now and it works amazingly on ropes smaller than 11mm. It is smooth and easlily lock off. However when I use it on 11mm rope that have expanded a bit it becomes quite a work out to pull rope through.

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