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Jaws Belay Device popular

Average Rating = 4.32/5 Average Rating : 4.32 out of 5
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Jaws Belay Device
Manufacturer: Trango

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Trango Jaws Belay Device Spring 2009 The Jaws by Trango is the most versatile belay device you can buy. Period. When you need a positive and secure lock-off, run the brake side of the ropes through the unique double V-notches. In this configuration, Jaws has more stopping power than any other belay/rappel device we can find. Turn Jaws around and run the braking rope over the smooth side when you need a lightning fast feed on trad or alpine terrain. Dont worry about catching a fall, because in this mode Jaws has similar braking abilities to our Pyramid. Rappels are smooth and controlled with Jaws. The large rope slots make it easy to set up, the V-notches control the speed and the flat rope path really prevents kinking. For low-angle or long double rope rappels, you can turn Jaws around so the free end of the rope runs over the smooth side. Specifications: Weight: 68 gm 2.4 oz Strength: 20 kN

19 Reviews

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Great since I'm light and lazy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: tytonic, 2007-09-24

For some reason my climbing partners are either a lot heavier than I am or like to hang a lot. Since I am lazy the easy lock off is nice. It is a bit annoying when trying to lower a less experienced climber who is tentative about letting go and hanging on the rope. The slower rope feed is worth the ease of cathing falls and holding lazy climbers.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: fishman, 2006-09-21

this is my favorite ATC that i have used. granted i havent used alot of different ones. up until recently my climbing partner was a 200lb guy and this was great. we climb steep stuff alot so again, this was good. with lighter climbers it does provide alot of friction which can be undesired. but yea, i would reccomend this to people with partners who are on the heavier side

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: meesier42, 2006-03-15

By far the nicest device ever used. This thing is easy to load even fat 11mm ropes. Locks easily and the jaws side (even with 8.8mm) and I use it for retreating off climbs with double ropes running through it, on the short (non jaws side) its smooth and controlled, not too fast, and I am 210lbs.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: sixleggedinsect, 2005-12-31

i would prefer not rating the jaws on the 1 to 5 scale because it would get a 2 for some purposes, and a fat 5 for others. i love it for some things. hate it for others and im not alone. if you are looking for an all-round do everything belay device, consider the normal tube devices like the trango pyramid, bd atc, etc. i get a more predictable feed from them, at least the way i belay. with the jaws, i get some additional specific functionality- like ability to retain sanity on single rope raps on new ropes and twin ropes and whatnot, and to hold enormous behemoths working routes without slippage, etc. however, for normal raps with normal ropes, or for plain jane belaying, it is either too frictiony in friction-mode, or a little catchy in non-friction mode. an excellent device for its intended purpose, and with some partners on some climbs i woudlnt be without it.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: andrewbanandrew, 2005-05-24

Locks off fast on the high friction side. Tough to lower someone on the high friction side unless they weigh a lot more than you, though.

I think it's just like an ATC with a bonus feature.

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