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Average Rating = 4.40/5 Average Rating : 4.40 out of 5
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Manufacturer: DMM

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Light, strong, and easy to clip. This is the perfect biner for anyone who needs to carry a large rack. These full size biners are ideal for rock, ice, and alpine routes. Full strength and by far the most usable ultra-light carabiner available. Designed to be used with 12mm dyneema/ spectra slings, the prowire also features a rope groove and large rounded rope bearing surface. Hot forging allows DMM to shave off all of the unnecessary metal without sacrificing strength, performance or size. Also available annodized to match your cams. Colors available: Blue, Green, Gold, Red, Purple, Silver, and Gun Metal. Specifications: Weight: 36 gm Closed strength: 24 kN Open strength: 8 kN Gate opening: 24 mm

5 Reviews

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Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: eric, 2004-12-27

Light, very nice handling (not awkward at all, IMO), not too expensive. My favorite wire gate.

Review 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: jstp, 2004-11-28

I dissent, this 'biner is not all its cracked up to be. They are 6 grams heavier than a Trango Superfly, and comprible to a Neutrino. They are also now on the pricey side of the lightweight 'biner spectrum. The ProWire is signigicantly larger than a Neutrino, but not much bigger than a Superfly, and the shape is all off, not a graceful 'biner at all. As such its clipability and how it racks and sits on a hanger is not good. For anything but racking a single cam or nut they stink due to the very deep and abrupt angles in rope bearing ends. This deep grove also makes them hard to use with anything but the narowest spectra slings, and forget nylon. Also the gate nose shroud, intended to prevent the gate from opening when the 'biner is dragged by the rope along the rock, is too small to be effective and is essentially useless.
On the bright side they are anodized for durabilty, but the rainbow colored versions i have yet to see anywhere, including some of the biggest mountainering shops in the country. I also own the full range of DMM cams (which these 'biners were colored to match) and even if i could find the colored ones, i would stick to the other availible lightweight 'biners.
Cons: awkward shape, only works with very narow slings, ineffective gate shrouding, pricey, heavy in the new 'super-duper-light' category

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: sarcat, 2004-10-14

I got one of each color to rack all the DMM Wal-nuts I just got on. I find them easy to clip to and unclip from a gear sling or loop. The are very light and have a smooth gate feel. Almost wish I had purchased all DMM when I was building my sport rack a few years ago.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: rockmaninoff, 2004-08-21

Best biner out there. Super light, strong, and they have a unique beveled gate that makes clipping even easier than a regular wire. Comes anodized in colors to match DMM cams or Friends. It just doesn't get better than this carabiner.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: omenbringer, 2004-04-20

These are the best carabiners I own. They weigh as much as the BD Nuetrinos or Trango wiregate, yet sport a much larger size. They fit great in your hand and have a great gate action. The only downside is that they are intended to be used with 12mm Dyneema or spectra slings, not really a problem for me since all my cams and slings are made of dyneema. Had I the ability to go back and rebuy the carabiners I used for my cams I would have purchased these instead of wasting money on the various others I have used. Also highly recomend using these on your cams as yet another way to delienate one size from another. Though the annodized colors are intended to marry up with the DMM cams perfectly, they are suitable with any brand of cams.

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