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Average Rating = 4.24/5 Average Rating : 4.24 out of 5
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Totally reworked, this harness is packed with features including a polyester knit lined foam swami pad and double buckle entry system for total adjustability Leg loops are fully adjustable, droppable with comfortable foam padding; quick-release adjustable hold up system As with all good big-wall harnesses the Cadillac features a full strength belay loop and rear haul loop and captive reinforced tie-in points
Keep your gear organized with 6 gear loops; 4 are positioned up and 2 are angled down; double buckle entry allows for symmetric gear loop positioning Ergonomic buckles with "Danger" stamp alerts you if your harness is not doubled back
To ensure excellence each Misty Mountain harness is manufactured by one sewer from start to finish, and hand inspected for quality Cruise the big walls in the comfort and style of a Cadillac -- if you plan on spending a long time in your harness make sure it's the right one

Sizing information is as follows:
Small - waist 27-30''; legs 19-22''
Medium - waist 30-33''; legs 21-24''
Large - waist 33-36''; legs 23-26''
XLarge - waist 36-39''; legs 25-28''
. Made in USA.

Specification Description
Weight Med. 527g (18.6 oz.)
Padded waist Yes
Padded leg loops Yes
Adjustable leg loops Yes
Drop seat Yes
Gear racking Yes
Belay loop Yes
Fits waist 27 - 39 inches
Leg loop size 19 - 28 inches

21 Reviews

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Comfortable for padding amount. 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: shango, 2010-06-04

Very comfortable for not having too much padding.

OK... 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: NCcrew, 2010-01-28

I bought this harness as my first one after i had gotten about a year of top roping under my belt, the harness is very comfortable around the waist and legs, they could have expanded the crotch area a bit as on long falls it hurts a lot more than other harnesses i have used. The gear loops are a little on the flimsier side, one broke with a few cams and a nalgene. I also dont like the single keeper strap clip as it sits right on your tail bone which can hurt but worst of all scrapes on chimneys etc and the flimsy plastic broke.

Pros: Comfortable, 4 buckle for better adjustment, pretty light for its size and padding amount

Cons: Flimsy and bad placed gear loops, bad placed keeper strap buckle BREAKS EASILY

Overall it was a good harness, I loved it when i had it but the easily braking keeper strap is a killer.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who is going to use it heavily or roughly (90% of climbers on this site) (Great starter harness though!)

A very comfortable harness, but not perfect 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: tigerlilly, 2007-09-09

I think I tried on every 4 buckle harness within a 100 mile radius. BD Focus Speed, both versions of the Corax, the Caladris, and a couple 3-buckle units for comparison, or to make the salespeople happy. I didn't bother seeking any of the women's specific designs, since I seem to have a short rise. The Petzl
harnesses all failed to fit because of too high a rise. I didn't try a Wild Country Synchro nor a Mammut Baffin, though I looked high and low for them. The Petzls had very comfy legs loops, but tended to ride up uncomfortably in back when hanging. The BD had less comfortable leg loops, though it didn't ride up
quite as much. The Cadillac supported me the most evenly. Even though it had a couple minor issues I discuss below, it was the most comfortable in both the waist and the legs. It didn't hurt that Rock and Snow was having a 15% off everything sale for Memorial Day to take the sting out of the large price tag.

Pros: The Caddy is the only 4-buckle harness I found that comes in more than 2 sizes. No more two-sizes-fit-everyone-but-me. I really wanted to like the new Petzl Corax II, which had all the features I was looking for at a decent price, but it took my breath away when hanging. The Caddy actually fits me and doesn't squeeze my lower ribs when I hang. Comfy!

Plenty of large gear loops, but I don't like the way the rear ones are stacked directly over one another in the back. It's easy to clip both when the upper one is loaded and hanging down.

Excellent tunnels for tucking in the waist belt tails - no floppy ends contributing to harness clutter. The tips of the tails are apparently melted and flattened just a bit to stiffen them, which makes them a little easier to thread. The buckles are a little hard to thread, but will not slip at all.

Leg loop keeper strap in back is attached with a QR buckle that is easy to unclip when you need to, but doesn't come undone by itself.

Cons: No useful tail keepers on the leg loops. There are tunnels to tuck the tails into on the back of the leg loop padding, but on my size small, I'd have to have toothpicks for legs for the tails to reach that far. I made my own keeper loops out of a couple bits of elastic and slipped them over the straps. It was an easy problem to fix, but at this price, I expect i's dotted and t's crossed.

Non-elastic leg loop keeper straps. What's up with that? I have to keep them a little loose so as not to bind in high steps. It works, but I have to wonder why elastic was not used. If they had put QR buckles on both leg loops, I could easily replace the nylon with elastic. Since one is sewn, I guess I'll wait until the warrantee expires to put a QR buckle on the sewn end and replace all with elastic.

No ice-clipper slots.

No Bueno 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: surfceo, 2006-12-25

I wear a 32" and per their sizing chart ordered a "M"... the front Gear loops are situated way to far on the outside of my hips - making the rear ones are so far back i can't turn enough (even standing on the ground) to see what I am grabbing... What is the point of having the extra loop back there if you can only rack draws? If they moved the loops “in” it would be a far superior product. Maybe the “L” situates the loops differently but I doubt it. “Great trad harness” – phewy – not if you are a 32” and get the “M”. What is the point of dropping a Benjy if you can't use the basic features?

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: rickk, 2006-11-02

Great comfortable harness.

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