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Camalot C3

Average Rating = 4.38/5 Average Rating : 4.38 out of 5
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A whole new universe of placement possibilities can be explored with Black Diamond’s new C3 micro cams. In smaller camming units, placement options are dependent on head width. With up to 30% less head width than conventional designs, Camalot C3s fit in far greater places more securely. Our patent-pending interlocking design uses compact, overlapping cams, allowing for solid placements that will not lever out in narrow constrictions or pin scars when free or clean-aid climbing. Patent-pending compression drive springs push each cam with significantly greater force, which means they hold better than traditional springs found in most other camming units. Because each cam is driven by a different spring, each cam is truly independent, so they excel in flaring, irregular (non-parallel sided) or shallow cracks. Our C3 cams boast huge cam stops, preventing over-rotation and offering excellent umbrella strength like our double-axle units. A C3’s stem design offers superior flexibility and strength—laterally stiff for tight placements but soft as a noodle over edges. Better flexibility from stainless steel cables disperses load more evenly, minimizing deformation and making the unit inherently stronger. With better real-world placement possibilities, the new C3s will change the way you climb. Color-coded units and slings for quick and easy ID Patent-pending compression drive springs push each cam indepently with greater force so they hold better in tough placements ID-colored stem design provides a balanced combination of stiffness and flexibility Ribbed trigger and thumb rest improve handling when you're really pumped Patent-pending interlocking cams allow for solid placements in narrow constrictions and pin scars

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Black Diamond C3 Editorial Review

Black Diamond C3 Editorial Review Can the C3 earn a place on Vegastradguy's rack?

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I know when they are placed right 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: dindolino32, 2010-09-05

I dont know about the stiff trigger action complaints. If the trigger is too hard to squeeze, you better train harder. I think that complaint is weak. I find that they replace tricky nut placements frequently and keep thing moving fast. I never just plug and go though. Pull test them. They are life savers in eldorado canyon.

Good, but damn they're stiff 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: currupt4130, 2008-10-22

The cams are nice, but the trigger action is really stiff. Not a piece I like to grab when I've been popping TCU's and C4's with minimal effort. It really requires some force to collapse the lobes all the way. More than once this has thrown me off on a placement because I didn't get the lobes all the way down. They aren't bad by any means. They place well but the action is just horrendous in my opinion. The thumb loop is the only thing that makes using these possible. I'm sitting here playing with my number 2 right now and the action just seems gritty and super stiff. Other than that I love how flexible the stem is and that there isn't anything protruding beyond or outside the lobes (other than the tiny trigger wire ends).

so thin... 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: BDisBEST, 2008-04-22

I don't need pins anymore. These are the key to the clean climbing revolution.

Not as secure as Aliens of Metolius. 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: throb, 2007-12-07

These are the ticket if you are protecting bottoming pin scars as they have no attachment bulge on the outer edge to hit the bottom of the crack. This feature is not as big a deal on natural cracks as there is almost always room for the end attachment. They are sleek and well made though the ends of the control wires stick out and get hung on things. They individual compression springs do a good job o pressing each lobe to the rock.
The negative is that they just don't stick as well. When you stick an Alien or tcu in they seem instantly stick. When you place a C3 the placement doesn't seem solid.You have to jerk and pull on it before it settles into a solid position. I think this is because they use such a hard alloy that is has to crush all the crystals before it settles in rather than forming around them.
If I could do it over again I would have purchased tcus as pin scars are not in my everyday experience.

The Smaller, The Better 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: forkliftdaddy, 2007-09-13

The fit and finish on the C3s is outstanding, and the trigger wire/cam spring solution is a very effective rethinking of the cam width problem. Nonetheless, I didn't think C3s would be of much use until a friend recommended that I check out the 000. I did and was impressed. Smaller than the 00 TCU, it is confidence inspiring in hard rock with a lot of rope in the system. Recently, I used it, a 00, and a 0 C3 on new routes on UT quartzite. The ranges on these cams fall between those of the comparable Zeros and TCUs. Outstanding gear. Recently took a 15 footer on a 0 size C3 at Red Rocks. It held great.

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