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Master Cam popular

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With the most versatile offering of cams on the planet, Ultralight Power Cams, TCUs, Offsets, Fat Cams and Supercams, why add a single-stem cam to their line? The reason is that there is an infinite number of variables in the climbing environment: hard rock, soft rock, parallel cracks, flared cracks, etc . . . Each individual cam style excels at a certain set of variables. The Fat Cams wide lobes greatly improve protection in soft rock while the TCUs narrow head widths greatly enhance placement versatility. The biggest advantages of the single-stem unit are: they will fit into certain placements better than the U-shaped body and the flexible, single cable reduces leverage to minimize walking in certain placements. Metolius set out to make the finest single-stem unit we possibly could and the Master Cam is the result. The Master Cam combines a nice, flexy cable with an ultra-narrow head for hard aid or free climbing. Since they invented the CNC milled cam-stop, they naturally applied them to Master Cams. They also joined their silky-smooth trigger assembly with an ergonomic thumb piece to provide precise control over placement and retraction. The longer body affords additional reach when top-stepping or stretching for that hard-to-get placement. The Range Finder system also provides critical placement feedback for those who need it. Master Cams are hand-built right here in Metolius Bend, Oregon shop. Each one is thoroughly inspected and every unit is tested to 5 kN. Master Cams are CE and UIAA certified. Features: A flexible, single stem unit with an ultra-narrow head width for hard aid or free climbing Molded thumb piece 13 mm Monster slings webbing 36 Dyneema/64 nylon Ranger Finder tells you at a glance if youve chosen the right size cam for the placement. Greater Holding Power Optimized cam angle for more outward force Machined cam stops Color-coded sewn slings and tubing CNC machined for much greater precision than stamped or extruded cams 7075 T-6 aluminum CE/UIAA certified Sizes 00-6

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Metolius Master Cam Editiorial Review

Metolius Master Cam Editiorial Review Vegastradguy racks up and heads out into the desert to see how Metolius' new cam stacks up against the competition.

Views: 28931 | Submitted by vegastradguy on 2008-04-06

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Smaller is Better 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: ACJ, 2012-04-17

I like the blue a lot and also use the yellow. I had the black and green but got rid of them quickly. The bigger sizes are too flimsy and about 50% of the time the cam stem would fold in half instead of retracting the lobes... not okay.

The small sizes are nice though. Very stable and easy to operate. The way I see it, orange and up are powercam sizes while yellow and down are mastercam sizes. I'm not a fan of the TCU, but if you like those and don't worry at all about the stability then you don't need these at all.

Good but not Great 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: traverpen, 2011-02-05

I like them, I really do, but I like my Aliens still. In size, but not range, they somewhat match the aliens; not in color either unfortunately (except the yellow). The Master cams have a smoother trigger (feels like stronger springs), cams stops, Rubber for the thumb in the thumb loop and confidence inspiring construction. Aliens have a more flexible stem, a larger thumb loop (more room for clipping directly for aid), more flexible trigger assembly, wider and softer lobes, more range and longer slings. The thing that Metolius really has going is that their cams are still in production and they have a good reputation. I wish there was a way to combine the two to make a better cam.

To Metolius: I never owned TCU's because I liked the Alien design better (not their Quality though), so I don't care if my master cams hang the same length as TCU's. I want a longer sling and I would appreciate a more flexible trigger assembly and stem like the Aliens had. But your cams are still good, just not great.

They have a place on my rack 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: bkalaska, 2009-07-08

My rating: 4.5- I sold my TCUs and got the blue, yellow and orange at a great price. My favorite cams and size are the yellow and red aliens and they overlap nicely. My main reason for not liking TCUs is that I never had an orange or red TCU placement that I was as happy with as other gear in the same size. The mastercams (in the blue to orange size) are far superior to the TCUs in my opinion. The place well, are flexible enough, and clean easily. They don't have the range of aliens though. Bottom Line: If I can get away with two aliens I take them, but if I may want an extra piece for an anchor I have been taking the masters, and if I need doubles I am happy to have both.


Review by: ArcadiaRockClimbing, 2009-07-02

I bought the "new aliens" when they came out. All I've read about is how the Master Cam isn't an Alien. I've also been reading about how people have concerns with the trigger wires in horizontals.

Having climbed in the Sierras, Yosemite, Smith, and Indian Creek since I bought them. In horizontal cracks they are great, I fell 30 feet or so and was able to easily remove it. Finding almost no damage to the lobes. For those of you worrying about the trigger cables in horizontals, don't worry. When you fall the trigger cable assembly rotates to the side. Leaving the Cables unharmed.

I also own aliens, and yes they look alike but they are not the same. I've used them side by side and they're are many differences. Good and Bad. The flexibility isn't all that good but still better than the C4's or Friends. The biggest problem I have found has been that to remove them you have to pull the trigger half of the way back otherwise they get stuck. Kind of a pain but hey it works.

Bottom Line: The Master Cam is Great. But don't expect them to preform like Aliens.

Hit and miss 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: forkliftdaddy, 2009-04-02

Eh. Like the design, sorta, but they make more compromises than I like. The cam lobes on the smallest sizes are too thin. I'd like more contact with the rock. The wires run parallel to the cable stem, connecting the Kevlar cables to the trigger bars (and mimicking the Aliens' sheath), are a poor design choice for horizontals. A hard fall onto a horizontal placement will kink one of those cables. Metolius manufacturing is spot on, of course. Things seem rugged, but I'll stick to my TCUs, Aliens and C3s for the most part. Kinda like the 0 and 00 sizes, but these aren't that good for funky placements. Lots of those in NC quartzite. Bigger sizes look good, but I've got Friends and Camalots for those.

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