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Pulsar Cams

Average Rating = 4.00/5 Average Rating : 4.00 out of 5
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A new product from Rock Empire, a larger set for wide stuff, redesigned with a wider axis. the biggest one is $43, smallest around 35.

7 Reviews

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pulsar 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: probill, 2008-09-15

In many ways I like them better than flex friends. and the price for 5 6 and 7 is really good. I love the big off widths and with pulsar big cams I can afford to climb them. Every one wants to climb with me not because I'm good, because of these nice cams.

Pulsar Cam Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: donald949, 2008-09-08

I got the 5, 6, and 7 to supplement my 1-8 Metolious 4CU's. They would be the next sizes up, as it were. Someone else noted the issues with the trigger wire on the outside of the Ucables, and when I first got them, I found it annoying also. Leaving only a tiny lip on the trigger outside the U cables to grab. However, when I used the #5 climbing, I had no issues with it. Was easy to place while leading, and I placed it on all 3 pitches of the climb. The #5 didn't seam to walk, but I was only leading, used extra 12" runner, and not cleaning. Haven't had the opportunity to use the #6 and #7 yet.
Overall I am happy with #5 to date. Finish is nice on all of them, but spring and trigger action not as good as Metolious.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: aggiejon, 2006-10-09

These are good as spares/ seldom used cams.

Overall, I would not say they are bad cams, I would also not say they are great cams. At first they were great, but the springs quickly got soft, and the action got stickier, after just two trips, got carried more than used. I will review them based on size, because some are better than others.

#1 (about .5 camalot) The whole thing fits my hand well, but it is wide for its size, put it next to similar size TCU and its a whole cam lobe wider. The action quickly went to hell. the sping feels stronger on this one than others, maybe because its smaller
#2 (about .75) I place this one alot, its a great size. Same problems as #1
#3 (about #1) This one is a good width, wider than #1 camalot, with a lttle narrower footprint on the rock. The spring is kind of soft on this one.
#4 (slightly bigger than a #2) The spring is too soft, it feels like the bigger these cams get, the weaker the springs get.
#5 (and I will extrapolate this to larger ones, which I do not own) I HATE THIS THING. Many others will disagree with me on this one. The configuration on this one is different, which is both good and bad. One inherent problem with U-stem sizes is that on larger sizes, the cam lobes are closer together than on a similar size single stem cam. This was one problem with the larger RE robots, the larger sizes were narrow, causing them to walk. To fix this, RE kept the U-stem, but simply put all the cams on the outside of the U-stem cables instead of between them. This does make it wider, but to match the width, the trigger wires had to be moved outside the stem cables too. So now you can't grip the trigger with three fingers, because there is no room outside the stems. You have to use one finger (or stack two) on the trigger. Also, with the wires on the outside, they get caught in everything and bent. The cams tend to flop around alot when not in use.

So overall:
1. U-stem- protects trigger wires great
2. Double length runner (if you like it) maaay negate a quickdraw
3. CHEAP- That is why you're looking at these, right? if this isn't your priority, don't buy these, get Camalots or Tech Friends
4. After using these for a while, you will truly appreciate a name brand cam

1. Weak springs in mid sizes
2. wide in smaller sizes
3. Action is not all that great
4. #5 (and assuming larger) suck

But hey, they're sure cheap?

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: nheston, 2006-04-12

I only have the three largest sizes of Pulsars. I bought them because I like the wider spacing for stability. I found my placements with these cams to be extremely stable. They are lightweight for large cams and well built. I think they are a great deal and I am starting to prefer these to the other cams on my rack. I have really started to like rock empire products. I have found them to be very well made and economical.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: everythingelse, 2005-11-02

i have a set of these in the larger sizes and the durango's in the smaller go the all of them for less then 210.00,
they handle pretty well and feel great in the medium sizes,
the larger ones get a little clumsy and the small ones have a very small range,
but they're great for me just getting into trad and i plan on getting a full set of friends when i can afford them

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