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Slit Fit Cams

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Average Rating : 3.00 out of 5
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Slit Fit Cams
Manufacturer: Kong

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SKU Item Description Suggested 435065 SLIT FIT CAM 00 $54.95 435067 SLIT FIT CAM 0 $54.95 435069 SLIT FIT CAM 0.5 $55.95 435071 SLIT FIT CAM 1 $59.95 435073 SLIT FIT CAM 1.5 $61.95 435075 SLIT FIT CAM 2 $64.95 435077 SLIT FIT CAM 2.5 $71.95 435079 SLIT FIT CAM 3 $76.95 435081 SLIT FIT CAM 3.5 $91.95 435083 SLIT FIT CAM 4 $98.95

2 Reviews

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Slit fit cam 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: freeheelman, 2007-04-29

befor you go telling people how great these cams are, you might consider actualy doing a little reaserch into why they are so often "written off". im not going to write an essay, so all i am just going to say a couple of things. forst these cams are extruded rather than CNC milled like BD, Metolius and WC cams(NOT GOOD). secondly the single axel is a huge disadvantage. Third adn finaly, When you hear alot of negative coments LOOK INTO WHY PEOPLE FEEL THAT WAY!!! there are alot of reasons that these are inferior cams. DO YOUR REASERCH and figure out for yourself all of the other negatives to cheeper cams. If you take ur time and do your reaserch you cna find highend cams on sale's and special promotions for close to what you would play for these pices of **** at full price. DO YOUR REASERCH!!!

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: philward, 2006-05-15

I have read a number of people write off these cams. I own some, I use some - and they're great.

I can only imagine that these negative comments have been made by either a) gear snobs (to whom exorbitant store prices guarantee their safety, rather than certification and testing); or b) haven't actually used any.

I find the Kong slit-fits much easier to place than some of the BD cams - the thumb-loop is very comfortable to use.

I haven't noticed walking any worse than other big name brands.

The only criticism that I have read that stands up is that with only a single axel, these cams do not have the same range as a BD double-axel camalot. Fair enough.

Best of all they're very light - both on the rack and on the pocket. They're a real steal - coming close to half the price of some other manufacturers. Excellent value!

I'm very happy with them. Can't understand the bad rap! :)

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