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Personal Cooking System

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Jetboil’s superior functionality centers around a lightweight, self-contained design that has been developed and tested by mountaineers and adventurers under severe conditions. Five key components come together intuitively to meet all your outdoor cooking needs.

• FluxRing™ technology directs heat into your food, rather than into the air as waste
• Lightweight burner with piezo electric igniter is housed in a wind-protective shroud and adjusts for low simmer to high boil
• Hard-anodized aluminum cooking cup with lid and drinking spout provides optimal heat transfer and is perfect for hot drinks, soups, freeze-dried foods, and pasta
• Cooking cup can hold one quart of water, but is designed to boil only 2 cups (16 fluid ounces) at a time
• Compact 7-ounce (3.5-fuid-ounce) propane/isobutane canister (sold separately) stows away in cooking cup when not in use; boils up to 12 liters
• Neoprene sleeve allows you to grip the cup while it insulates the contents to speed up boiling time

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12 Reviews

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4 seasons my cold freezing butt! 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: rockvaulter, 2008-10-10

I hiked up Mt. Washington this past febuary when it was about 0 degrees and all 3 of our jet boils did horrible. It took about 10 to get the snow into water and another 10 to 20 for that water to actaully boil. By far the worst ever stove I have seen. 4 season fuel my butt. I was told to take a Jet boil because my MSR would not work, only to have 2 full days of no hot meals. I was very disappointed and never recommend it to any of my customers. Im sticking to my Whisperlight Internationl. And if I could, I would give this produnct a zero.

Great for boiling water/melting snow 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: climbingaggie03, 2007-12-29

I bought a Jetboil used, I figured it was cheap, I could use it for big wall climbing, and I had been intrigued by the design for a while so why not try it out.

The Pros:
I haven't had it on the trail yet, but I've boiled about 15 liters outside my house for various hot drinks and I'm really impressed with it. The boil time is amazingly fast, even with some moderate winds and 30-40 degree temperatures it never took more than 4-5 mins to boil. Once I filled it with ice cubes and just enough water to keep from scorching the pot, it took about 8 mins to boil. I love how the whole thing snaps together and I can pick it up by the pot or the fuel canister. It seems to be pretty fuel efficient. I have just used an old 220 gram canister that was mostly empty to begin with and 15 liters later it's still boiling.

The Cons:
When I bought it used, the lighter was broken, I have replaced it and the feature is really nice but I have heard that these things break and so I would never carry it without a lighter (or matches) as a back up. It does seem like it is a bit unstable on uneven ground and top heavy, but no more than any other canister stove that stacks on top of the canister. I'm not sure how it will deal with elevation and extreme cold, I've had bad experiences with canister stoves in the past, and I don't see anything about the jetboil's design that will fix the cold/pressure problem that is inherent to canister stoves. The pot is a bit small for my taste, I'd like to be able to boil about a liter and a half of water. The jet boil isn't the lightest thing on the market, It weighs 15.2oz (pot and stove) and my pocket rocket/titanium pot combination weighs in at 9.2oz. (fuel and lighter weights are irelavant imo because both stoves require fuel, and I wouldn't leave home with either of these without a lighter) so the jet boil is 6 oz heavier than my other set up and slightly less flexible since it doesn't do much other than boil water and make soups.

The jet boil is great at its intended purpose and that is boiling water as efficiently as possible. If I were only going to own 1 stove, this would not be it, because I like to eat real foods instead of ramen or those dehydrated msg packages. However it is a great tool for short mountain trips, or any other trip where all you need is hot water and you want it with as little fuss as possible.

Long Slender Ceramic Insulator ruins otherwise fantastic product 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: hotgemini, 2007-08-11

I dearly love my jetboil, its packability, efficiency and most of all ease of use made it my stove of choice for a three month climbing road trip. At the crag the PCS cup was fantastic for hot drinks and lunches and back at camp the pot adaptor meant it was used for an amazing variety of cooking. It was our source of hot water for bathing (very glamorous sponge baths!) and it also makes a seriously big rum and coke which stays cold in the insulated cup.

I can't stand the inexcusable poor design of the auto-ignition system, in use the piezo ignitor flexes in its mounting and the long slender ceramic insulator pushes against the side of the base plate. At this stage (1 year in) of regular use the fourth piezo ignitor is currently installed, that said, it broke a few months ago and I will simply never bother to replace it until I can devise something better. My current plan is to drill out the existing hole in the base plate, then gut a silicone ignition lead from a car and slide it over the ceramic insulator of a new ignitor, so that if it does hit the side of the hole, the silicon lead a) spreads the load and b) maintains insulation in case of the ceramic cracking.

Fix the crap ignitor and this stove is worth 5 out of 5.

Best Stove Ever 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: shrug7, 2006-11-14

Great for backpacking and just general Camping out. I highly recommend the French Press adapter.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: tex21, 2006-05-13

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