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Guide Tricks For Climbers video series

Average Rating = 4.25/5 Average Rating : 4.25 out of 5
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Avoiding the Touch covers Self-rescue in it's most up to date form. Learning it or just refreshing your memory with video is a lot easier than those mediocre drawings in books. Moving Faster is all about quick and efficient transitions in multi-pitch climbing. It shows all the main transitions you might encounter and the techniques are applicable to anything in the climbing sport: Knots, backing up rappels, carrying coils, safe lowering etc. Alan Jolley, the maker, really knows his stuff. Check out the website for better info.

4 Reviews

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Excellent! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: nanoking, 2007-01-17

I bought "Avoiding the Touch" and have also watched "Moving Faster". Both presented a variety of rigging techniques in a real-world context. The situations in the videos were exactly the ones I found myself having a hard time visualizing as a beginner. I also liked how the procedures in the video were very step-by-step for robustness and safety. It gave a good baseline method to return to for when you're extra tired or gripped. After watching and following along a few times you can find your own ways to combine steps and speed things up. The videos allowed me to cut down on the costs of in-person instruction and get more out of time with guides. I wish there were more in this series available!

Review 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: pro_alien, 2006-08-27

Disappointing. If you look at their transitions, there is a lot of "non value added activities".

- First clip to the anchor with a clove hitch, later with a sling (or even clumsily build the tether from a cordelette). Just have a tether sling ready at your harness at all times.

- What's up with all that lowering ? Rapping will put less stress on the rap rings and the rope (less friction against rock under load). Why not set up for a rap right away ?

- Undoing and redoing the knot connecting the ropes is not necessary. The first person down can feed the rope to be pulled through the anchor, ready to pull through once the second arrives.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: climboard, 2006-08-09

I was more interested in "Avoiding the Touch" but ended up purchasing "Moving Faster" at the same time. I am very impressed! The information is presented in a clear, logical format. Avoiding the Touch is the best resource I've seen outside of a class for learning self-rescue skills. Whether you are a new climber trying to learn or a salty old dog looking to brush up on some skills, this is a great purchase.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: assbokk, 2006-03-26

The Guide Tricks for Climbers videos cover almost everything I have been dying to learn since I first started climbing. I have every book on climbing technique and rope work and they really suck compared to watching it done by a AMGA rock guide. I enjoy climbing a lot more because these videos and some practice gave me a big boost in confidence.

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