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Average Rating = 3.17/5 Average Rating : 3.17 out of 5
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The Cruiser was built from the ground up with comfort in mind. This is not a stripped-down version of a high-end model. It is packed with features that make it super comfortable without sacrificing climbing performance. For starters, the construction is unique. It has a plush, padded tongue with no irritating seams over your toes. The upper is made from some of the finest leather available; tough, breathable Perwanger™ leather of Italy . The heel has a thin, cushy EVA wedge covered by a slightly lugged Gryptonite™ outsole for extra traction on descents and when you are cruising around on gravelly ledges. The tension on your heel is easily adjustable with a simple buckle system that allows you to tighten or loosen the shoe while climbing. Keep it loose when you're on easy terrain or when you're descending. Crank it down when it's getting hard and you need a little more precision. The Cruiser was designed to be worn very comfortably - toes flat. The toe box is generous enough to wear a thin sock if you need one. The Cruiser is ideal for guides or anyone who needs to wear their rock shoes all day.

6 Reviews

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these are great all dayers 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: surfceo, 2009-03-17

if you bought these to boulder you should not rate them as such. They rock for all dayers

Montrail Cruiser 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: dmullen86, 2006-12-04

This was my first pair, and among all the shoes at the store, I found it to be the most comfortable. I was very happy with it until I noticed that a hole I could fit three fingers through had appeared on one shoe after bouldering at an indoor wall. I don't really trust the leather on them anymore, and am thinking about moving to another shoe.

Review 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: cmacblue42, 2005-03-19

I got this as my first pair of shoes. i am using them for bouldering. i think it is an ok begginer shoe but i would not reccomend it. it cant really edge although it looks like it would, the rubber sucks, and it is not an aggressive shoe. it might be a good begginer shoe for roped climbing but definitaley not for bouldering. the treaded heel is a gimmick and the strap doesnt do much once it is stretched out.

P.S. i got mine for $50 at REI toward the end of the year.

Review 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: ikellen, 2004-10-25

The good: These shoes are comfy, and they smear decently (after two blank 5.10 slabs at tahquitz, im pretty sure of this).

The bad: Even though they look like they would, these shoes can't edge for SHIT! Stuff that would be no problem in my Cobras was impossible in these. They also aren't sensitive at all. The soles are just too thick. The fancy heel tread doesnt really offer any benefits besides making the sensitivity problem worse. The heel strap, when tightened down, causes the back of the shoes to clench against your achilles tendon, and it didnt make the shoe any tighter on my foot. The laces hurt my foot when I tucked them in the tongue, and if I didnt, I stepped on the laces while climbing. Along with all of this, the shoes are pretty heavy for a climbing shoe, atleast compared to the other shoes I own (Sportiva's, Mad Rocks).

Overall, I guess they would be good beginner shoes (first shoes), but you probably need a wide foot for them to edge decently, and I wouldn't reccomend trying your latest dime edge route in them.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: sam_dude19, 2004-07-24

I bought a pair of these cruisers a few weeks ago. A great beginner shoe, very comfy fit for someone who is not used to climbing shoes. good rubber, good durability. They stretch out a little bit, so i would suggest getting 1/2 or 1 size smaller than street. Getting these too small kindof defeats the purpose of their "comfort factor". Good for a full day of climbing without having to take them off all the time. Not spectacular at edging...not very sensitive either...but hey...they work well for all around stuff.... The heel buckle tightener thing is can crank them tighter, but it kindof puts some pain and abrasion in the tendon area when totally cranked....havnt had much problem with the stitching on mine.....yet.... I need to get a tighter preformance pair Anyway, a great buy for a beginner to figure things out with. NOTE: These are supposed to fit with the toes almost completely when u buy them, make sure your toes are a little bent, then they'll stretch to be about right....

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