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Venom popular

Average Rating = 4.74/5 Average Rating : 4.74 out of 5
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The new Venom does for the slipper what the Testarossa does for lace-ups. This slipper is a triumph of design and construction. The Venom’s shape comes from the blockbuster Testarossa last, giving it an asymmetrical, down-turned, pocket-seeking toe. The 0.8mm Laspoflex midsole in the forefoot provides a stable platform while retaining maximum sensitivity; sticky XSV on the outsole provides the highest performance rubber available; and a pioneering flexible, breathable, sticky Vibram® Web Rubber upper focuses power to the toe box AND provides a sticky surface for toe hooking. All these innovations relentlessly drive power to the front of the shoe, allowing performance never seen before in a slipper.

Color Lime/Black
Upper Leather/Vibram® Web Rubber
Construction Slip Lasted
Last PD85
Lining Unlined
Sole 3.5mm Vibram® XSV
Midsole .08mm Laspoflex (forefoot only)
Weight 13.5 oz.
Sizes 34–46 (including half sizes)

34 Reviews

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Venom is BOMB!! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: courtbg15, 2010-08-24

This shoe is amazing! one of the best shoes ever. I can do stuff with this shoe that I cant do with my solutions!! it is really sensitive, I can really trust them when I'm climbing. I never have to worry if my foot is gonna slip with these babys on. outstanding bouldering shoe. I love to heel hook and this shoe is the BEST at that!! really recommend for someone who wants to take a step up in there climbing.they are very comfortable even when really tight. I wear a 40euro men's and got a 36.5 venoms. they didnt stretch much for me like a half to a full size-kinda molded to my foot rather than stretch. great for the gym and competitions.

The best so far, the BEST! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: boylagz, 2009-04-07

I have been wearing these for about half a year now (got them resoled already R&R you guys rock!), and I can say, they are the best. I've been climbing for about 2years plus straight now; mostly gym, but have tried limestone back in SE Asia, both bouldering and sport. I've always loved scarpa's and still do, they rock. Only problems with the heel, both with the old school Vortex and Dominator V.
Now for the awesome venoms. First off the fit, which is the most important thing for performance shoes. I wear 9.5-10 US men's street shoe size. I have these in 39 EU, and its perfect. Nothing beats trying them on in a store, but if you can't, I'd try to give the best sizing picture. I bought my first pair around 07, it was a 40.5, it was OK, but still so much dead space in the heel, and going to a 39 was the best. Literally no dead space, and heel hooking is a breeze. Toe hooks are awesome too. No doubt. For more sizing comparison, since my brother and I have the same feet size: 8.5US in the anasazi lace up (pink), 8US moccasym, 9US dragon lace ups and around 8-8.5US anasazi velcro (new onyxx model). I wear a 9US in the Boreal mutant. Sorry no experience with Evolv shoes yet. They can be painful when worn for longer than 10mins or so in the size/fit I use. But if you want edging performance, glove fitting rock shoes; just that feeling that you know you won't slip even how small those footholds are, these are the way to go. Alongside the anasazi laceups, these are my fave for sport climbing requiring good feet for the smallest of footholds. Better get them now that there are still sizes available, LS doesn't hold these in their site anymore, theyre stopping it, FOR NOW maybe. Just like the cobra's, I reckon they'll be back soon, for sure. These are the best. I can say Vibram XS grip is quite a soft rubber, but ill sticky; yeah they rock! Ive resoled mine with C4 though, no difference in terms of performance, for me at least.
That's it. Hope this helps. Go out and get these! Size 'em right, you won't be sorry. The only thing you'll be saying is "Hell yeah!"

Great for bouldering, and sport climbs...NOT TRAD! 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: eshep7199, 2008-02-24

I work at a camp outside Durango, CO and got the Venoms for a very good deal. I used them bouldering, gym climbing, and a few sport leads and they climbed like a dream! I used them on sand stone in Durango, limestone, and some of the toughest, sharpest granite at Vedauwoo, Wyoming and they have not failed me yet! However, I forgot my normal trad shoes on a trip and had to use my Venoms and I thought I was going to die from the pain, as the Venoms are enemies to the trad climbing world.
The interior lining on the right shoe is a little frayed after 6 months of regular use, but it doesn't mess with the shoes performance a bit. I highly recommend this shoe for sport climbing and it is by FAR the best bouldering shoe and even gym shoe I have ever seen or used in my life.


La..venom 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: clamber, 2008-02-03

This was my first slipper and only my third pair of shoes. I down sized two sizes from my street shoe and that seems to be about right. I've been climbing in them for a month now ~3 times/week and they seem to be breaking nicely. I can only wear them for about 20 or 30 min at this point. When I first got them it was quite painful to stand up in them for even a couple minutes. After reading the other reviews I'm hoping I downsized enough..I guess I'll know within the next few months.
As for performance, I have few complaints. however since this is the first aggressive shoe I've owned I dont have much with which to compare them. But I love being able to place the tip of my toe on a tiny nub and feel solid. I use them mainly for bouldering and I really like being able to slip them on and off quickly.

Venom 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: illusiondweller, 2007-11-07

I agree the Venom is a great slipper, but it is a slipper that accell's in specific applications. If you are looking for an all-around shoe. look into a near Boreal Ace replica, the Acopa's Spectre for that classic glove-like fit with improvements!

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