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Galileo Climbing Shoe popular

Average Rating = 4.66/5 Average Rating : 4.66 out of 5
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The Galileo Rock Climbing Shoe is the flagship for Five Tens new Stealth ONYX rubber, which is more durable and has better friction than the reigning champ, Stealth C4. This high-performance hook and loop shoe has a stiff sole for incredible support on the smallest edges. The Galileo also comes with a no-stretch lined Cowdura Synthetic upper so you wont have to go through the long, painful break in process that usually accompanies high-end climbing shoes. With new ONYX rubber, youll stick to the walls better then the turtles in UHF.

35 Reviews

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Galileo 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: dave-grit, 2008-12-25

Super sticky.
Fantasic edge.
Great fit (for my wide-foot) a half size down.
Minor issue with the height at the back of the heel straight out the box, but it did (like the guy in the shop said it would) soften up.
I use these for all-day circuit bouldering and they're fantasic! Although, I carry a small piece of carpet in the crash pad to clean them.

long break-in, but PHENOMENAL shoe 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: gaalsent, 2008-07-09

I wear street 13s, and wear a 13 in galileos, and have a narrow, low volume foot. Bought these after my first pair of Moccasyms failed to give me the required tension. The rubber grips everything from granite slabs to sandstone, but doesnt wear out quickly. Similarly, the velcro straps provide enough closure to make a reasonably tight -but comfortable- fit. Ive had positive experiences heel-hooking, but end up using the velcro straps for toe hooks because the toes lack substantial rubber on top. the rubber is pretty hard -durable and stays put.

A caveat: these will take a solid month or two of intense wear before they break in. I almost despaired, but they stretched -barely- and now i can tolerate them for single pitch and hard bouldering etc.

Survey says... 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: duransportiva, 2008-03-26

Good stuff: First of all, I freakin' love these shoes. I was a little weary of them in the beginning 'cause they just look like your standard climbing shoes. Wrong. Dead wrong. The onyx rubber will stick to anything you can find and even stuff that's not even there, it's great. There's nothing better (that I've tried) to climb hard slab or vertical with. The velcro straps provide easy on/off for choppy bouldering sessions. There's nothing better to edge with. These things eat jibs for breakfast.

Sizing: I wear a 8 1/2-9 street shoe (US) and I sized these down 1/2 size. I've never had a shoe fit me more perfectly. They will hurt for the first 2 months or so depending on how much you climb but after that, they stretch just enough ease the pain. Either I cut my toenails or my Galileos will do it for me. TIGHT.

Downsides: The toe and the arch is still a little loose but it's okay; I've never been able to heel hook them off. They're not that great for toe all. The toe only has a small section of rubber up at the top and the next best option is to hook with the velcro straps. If you're a climber that loves to toe hook, go with the La Sportiva Baracuddas (their toe is magic).

AMAZING shoe 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: toofreakinsexy1, 2007-10-23

These were my first pair of climbing shoes that I owned, wore those to death over 2 years, bought a pair of Boreal's next... and went right back to the store that week to buy Galileo's again, the shoes situate your feet perfectly for pushing hard with your toes, the Onyx rubber on those things can stick to ANYTHING that you can find on the wall, I just barely bought a pair of V10's and I'll still throw on my old Galileo's to climb in (usually when my feet are torn up from the V10's lol)

not so hot for hard pulling 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: beesknees, 2007-10-20

I didn't like these shoes for hard, overhanging sport. I know that's not the aim of them, but in case you were hoping for a shoe that could handle the steeps, you'll be sorry with these. they're too cumbersome, have crappy heels, aren't sensitive and suck for pulling with your toes.

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