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Loco popular

Average Rating = 4.05/5 Average Rating : 4.05 out of 5
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From Mad Rock Website:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have achieved the next level. Using the award winning and groundbreaking Hooker Velcro as the launching point, the Loco design team’s goal was to build a shoe optimized both for bouldering and attacking steep overhangs. Using the latest technology and materials, Mad Rock has raised the bar for climbing shoe design and performance. Again. The Loco’s sole is an adapted version of the all-conquering Hooker sole design— but the dual thickness, dual density dual rubber now features a downturned Patented concave design for a claw-like grip and surgical precision. We’re especially proud of the Loco uppers, as they utilize the newest materials and technology: The high-tenacity breathable nylon mesh upper has semi-clear rubber injection welded directly onto it. The rubber coats the entire upper, and is textured in ridge shapes for better toe hooking. The benefits of semi-clear rubber on breathable light-colored uppers is evident to anyone who’s ever climbed in the sunlight, and the concept of encircling your entire foot in super sticky rubber opens up completely new and untapped vistas in the sport. The Loco is also a Mad Rock shoe, so we can’t skimp on comfort: 4mm polyurethane foam is sandwiched between the brushed polyester liner embedded with X-static antimicrobial fibers, and the molded 3-D gusseted tongue keeps everything in place. Triple anatomically die-cut Velcro tabs for quick on/off seals the deal. Some would call the Mad Rock Loco a paradigm shift. We call it revolutionary evolution.

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Ow 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: aBrokedwnMelody, 2008-01-17

Great for toe hooks, but be ready for your toes to take a beating... owww

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: rjman53, 2006-10-17

Great while they lasted, just didn't last too long. I bought mine in the spring and used them about once a week during the summer. They had worn through in the toe by fall. Do not size down. I wear a 10 street shoe and got a pair of 10 locos. There is no way I could have squeezed into anything smaller.

Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: needrock, 2006-10-17

these things are crazy! i do alot of diverse climbing; bouldering, big wall, sport, and crack. and i have foudn that they are the best shoe on the market for overhanging stuff, but as soon as you throw a sloper in the mix or some slab stuff doing V2's or 5.9's seem like 5.12's. definitely don't bring these babies to horse pens 40 or anywhere you need to do some slab stuff. but for any hard overhanging problems, there isn't anything better. definitely a good second shoe. after climbiing on them pretty hard for about three or four months the rubber on them has totally crapped-out on me in the toes, they were good while they lasted, but i think i'll stick to five ten rubber from now on. 3.5

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: wax, 2006-09-07

I love these shoes except for one thing... all of the 'innovations' they tried to cram into them.

First, the good: the ribbed heel actually locks down vey nicely, and being soft and deformable, works with my narrow and small heels. That is not to say that they fit me well, but they seem to work better that any of my other shoes, which have a much stiffer heel cup. The Mad Rubber is very sticky and works great on the steep stuff, however it ain't too stiff (but I'll get into that later). Having a whopping amount of rubber over the big toe is nice for toe hooking, and having slits cut into them allows the area over the big toe knuckle to 'give' a little (meaning a bit more comfort... but super star trust, the power is still there) as well and helping a toe hook stick better.

White is nice colour for the uppers and being lined and synthetic, they don't stretch too much, though they do feel a little bulky. Three velcro straps are a nice touch for fine adjusting the fit, if only...

the bad: ... the hook and lace (velcro) they use didn't totally suck. I ended up 'barge' cementing on a huge swath of the lace part of velcro on the shoe so that the straps would stick a little better. But I still have problems with the straps popping open.

As for their 'innovations', the webbing on the uppers do nothing and peel right off... which is fine actually cuz then in lightens up the shoe and actually makes them look better. I guess it's not such a bad thing then, but don't think that this 'feature' will help you climb.

aaaaaaaaaand the 'hooker 3D sole'... is a nifty little feature to start with, however when the toe wears away (and it does quite fast), the lateral rigidity of the sole goes all floppy, and I found myself geting severe foot fatigue. However I am partial to a stiffer sole, so maybe it's just me.

But all that being said, I do love these shoes, once i managed to figure out how they work for me. It took a bit of work, but I have had them resoled twice now and keep them around as my backtime shoe as they are much comfortable then my 'project' shoes, so when I'm bouldering all day and think I wanna cut off my feet, I just switch to my Loco's and can keep cranking.

Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: sick_climba, 2006-03-11

These shoes were average. Defiantly not what I expected. I used them 4 or 5 times before selling them. They had great to support but my heal doesn't flail out as far as the heal on the shoe so there was a lot of air space, and they are very hard to smear with. Basically they are good for heal hooks and crimpy foot holds that are right near your but try to do a sideways foot hold and you'll be taking a fall.

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