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Mugen Climbing Shoe - Mens

Average Rating = 3.14/5 Average Rating : 3.14 out of 5
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Mugen is the perfect combination of performance, fit and durability and with our new design, it's making a big splash with sport climbers. We've upgraded the synthetic upper and lining to give the shoe a trusted feel and fit on your foot with just enough give for comfort and flexibility. Built with our dual density sole and tenacious hooker heel cup, this shoe is designed to perform on trad, sport, gym and bouldering. Edges on the most minute flake. Rubberized dual strap closures allow you quick entry and exit and give you more friction in the cracks. The synthetic padded tongue keeps you well secured and cool all day. The Mugen is made entirely of Mad Rubber and natural and produced fibers, making this shoe completely vegan friendly.
  • Sole: 5.3mm Mad Rubber Formula #5
  • Heel Cup: 3-D molded Hooker heel with descent tread, Mad Rubber Formula #3
  • Rand: 2.2mm Mad Rubber Formula #4
  • Midsole: 1mm compressed fiber midsole
  • Upper: 2.0mm TekFlex synthetic upper with Mad rubber toe patch
  • Construction: Double stiched, seamless binding, padded tongue
  • Entry/Closure: Dual external directional pull tabs with dual TPR rubber coated Powerlock closure straps
  • Available Sizes: US 3 to 13

14 Reviews

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New Muguen 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: jermanimal, 2009-04-02

They have a great fit, but sized much different from my flashs and manics. I am normally a 9.5, I am a 8.5 in New Muguen. Size has apparently translated over to 09 models as well. As far as the shoe goes it has a nice fit and powerful design, great straps and great velcro. My only complaint is the rubber took a little while to soften up to where it could set on a sloper with confidence. Would edge like no other out of the box, but took a week to get any sensitivity. I would give this shoe a 5 if the rubber was better, I have heard that the 09 rubber fixes this problem and can't wait to wear a hole in the toe of these to try the 09. I have a pair of Pontas that I really don't like as much as these, except that they rubber is exceptional, I wish I could get the sole of the Pontas on these uppers.

New Mugen 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: mrdeadpt, 2008-01-09

I have to weigh-in on this shoe. First, let me say two things: One: I love the Mad Rock "Flash" and will soon be buying a third pair. Two: I bought the new Mugen on-sale at EMS for $50 over a year ago. Don't like it! Whereas the first Flash's I wore impressed me with their sensitivity--and, in short order, with their comfort--the new Mugen is "clumsy" and rather uncomfortable--resisting break-in, thanks to it's lining. (By contrast, wear a properly fitted pair of un-lined Flashes for one outing and they will mold themselves to your feet.) The dual-density sole has "fuzzed" on the inside edge making for somewhat-decreased edging precision over time. Also, the heel-cup is more shallow than the Flash, giving a less-secure feel when heel-hooking. Trust me--there are reasons why you rarely see the "clown-shoe"-cosmetics of these shoes on the pro's in the climbing mags--or at your local crag.

Older one was better. . . 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: lexmark, 2007-03-12

I loved the olg Mugen. I also really like the Flash (so long as I but it way small and break it in). As for the new model, it's pretty stiff. I find it a little harder to tuck my toe into a pocket while high-stepping and really trust it.

Having said that, it's still a really good shoe.

Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: klacuff83, 2007-03-09

I've had these about 3 mths. They fit perfectly and are great for gym climbing. I took them to HP40 last weekend and had a very hard time with them. They don't stick to the sandstone at all.

New Mugen 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: The_Arete, 2007-02-28

New Mugen... where to start... I opened that package, and that new shoe smell flooded my senses... never get tired of it.
Then comes the sight... the look, rad in design, and sure to catch a few glances even if it looks as if someone on LSD designed it. Bright White, with it's red logo, strikes you like a hammer. The Ergonomics of it, are definitely different than your average shoe, with the new heel design, and slightly more pointed toe.

The dual density sole is a godsend in my case, the tight, lip makes for great stability on Jibs and on cracks, and the softer inside still gives you some feel of the rock. Velcro stay's on like pro, and doesn't rub off on the wall or rocks, and the mid section of the shoe with it's overlapping design will fit anyone's top foot.

That said, the toe and heel take getting used to. These shoes are smaller than most you've climbed in by about a half a size. I'd Try them on before buying to make sure you've got the right size. Smearing is a little hard in these suckers though.

Overall, the rubber sticks very well, albeit it comes off on the wall a little easier than I would of liked.

If you want style and flair, you've got it (fashion hippies), performance is par with most other shoes, and the innovations of the dual Rand, heel hook, DDS, lined inside... are either a love 'em or hate 'em.
Personally I think they are worth every buck.

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