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Miura Womens Climbing Shoe

Average Rating = 4.00/5 Average Rating : 4.00 out of 5
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Miura Womens Climbing Shoe
Manufacturer: La Sportiva

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The Miura provides the ultimate solution to the extreme requirements of modern climbing: friction, sensitivity, and precision with a comfortable fit. Speed lacing system for a quick and precise fit dual heel pull loops for easier entry. Cambered shape is aggressive and extremely effective on small edges and in pockets. Slip-lasted construction with split-grain leather uppers and wicking Dentex linings offer lasting performance, flexibility and stretch-resistance. Forefeet use 1.1mm Laspoflex midsole supports for more effective edging power and reduced foot fatigue. The 4mm Vibram XS Grip174 soles supply incredible friction and resistance to wear. Unique to the womens model, a padded heel and breathable mesh tongue to improve comfort.

5 Reviews

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disappointing 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: girlyoutalkto, 2009-06-08

I loved these at first. Then they started falling apart. I never use them in the gym; I save them solely for climbing hard (read: 5.11 or above) outside. They don't get a lot of use, yet after about a dozen to two dozen climbs, they started to break down. The rubber is peeling off the toe in more than one place, the lining holding the laces is busted in several places, and the heel loop stitching is popping. I don't drag my feet; I have other shoes I have used and abused outside and in the gym that have lasted a million times better than these. The concept is fantastic, the fit is great, and they are very precise. But for $140, they aren't worth it. The quality is extremely disappointing, and what's more disappointing is that when I contacted La Sportiva for a refund or a replacement, they refused and told me I have to go back to the store I bought them from. Unfortunately that store is several states away, which they didn't seem to care about.

All in all, spend your money somewhere else, IMO.

Endure the pain! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: nerdgerl, 2008-12-21

I bought these shoes 1.5 sizes smaller than my regular street size. The first 2 times I wore them in the gym I was in agony. I was crawling to the start of bouldering problems because my feet hurt so bad, mainly my ankles. After about 5 gym sessions my shoes fit nicely and im not in agony! Persist through the pain, the shoes will stretch. I don't often do them up as im used to my velcro shoes, but this hasnt' been a problem. Not a good shoe for a beginner as you'll just rip them up. Now I have worn them in a bit they are farily comfortable.

I have a hole in my toe. 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: alice, 2008-06-03

I mean it, I literally lost a chunk of toe. Last November at a comp I wore these shoes for 4 hours (with breaks) and the pressure of my toes pressing together caused the tissues on my baby toe to die about 3mm in and then the skin just fell off leaving a nice hole. On top of that I didn't find them that sensitive or progressive. The rubber wore out too quick and never impressed me with it's stickiness in the first place. I loved the quick lace, they fit ok except that I never found they became very bearable to wear and I like tight shoes. Considering how many girls at the gym love these shoes I'm going to chock it up to being my feet's fault but just wanted girls to know that they're not perfect for everyone, especially if you like your toe-meat.

great shoe 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: zenelky, 2007-04-16

This is a great stable shoe that offers a lot of support and great edging ability. One of the few down-turned shoes I've used that are still comfortable on all day multi-pitch routes where I needed something a bit more agressive. I've used them for everything from 5.8-5.11d, face, slab, overhang, cracks, multi-pitch, sandstone, limestone, you name it. They seemed to fit like a glove the first time I put them on (surprisingly!!). I am concerned about the amount of stretch that I've encountered with them so far, they may stretch out before they wear out. You get what you pay for with these shoes.

I'm in love... 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: newbierockstar, 2007-03-29

...with my new climbing partners!! While I was quite satisfied with my Evolv Rockstars, my *real* climbing partner thought it might be time to upgrade to a more technical shoe, and boy, was he right! The Lady Miuras are awesome--nice and stiff but still very comfortable. (very nice fit around the ankles, too.) Three words--precise, precise, precise.

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