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The Five Ten Siren Womens Climbing Shoe is a high-performance synthetic lace-up shoe that takes on everything from cracks to nubbins to plastic. Five Ten constructed this low-volume, narrow-heel climbing shoe with a perforated synthetic Cowdura upper to eliminate stretch and provide excellent breathability when youre sweating bullets on the rock this summer. The Siren Climbing Shoes Stealth ONYX rubber provides better friction and durability than traditional C4 rubber. The womens specific last in this all-around Five Ten shoe gives you the comfort you need to take full advantage of your newfound friction.

5 Reviews

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Comfortable but so-so performance 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: sierragal93546, 2011-07-14

This was my first shoe, purchased in November 2009. It is super comfortable and was fine when I first started on easy 5.7 juggy climbs. But as I got more experienced and progressed on steeper and harder climbs, this shoe just didn't cut it. Hearing the rubber on the sole on the rock like tap shoes was unnerving. Granted, climbing in the Sierras in winter will make any rubber hard, but I just didn't feel safe. Bought a pair of La Sportiva Katana shoes which had much stickier rubber and felt much more secure even in the winter. Then I got the La Sportiva TC Pro and that was it--my magic shoes. I still love how comfortable the Siren shoes are so had them re-soled with the TC Pro Vibram XS Edge rubber. But the design of the shoe still does not lend them to edging well even with the new rubber. I wear them now just for conditioning on a home wall or indoor climbing.

First shoes 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: firefawkes, 2011-07-07

I debated long and hard between these and the Five Ten Coyotes, and settled on these after reading other reviews online. My only hesitation with these shoes was that the size that fit best was just a hair too tight - I know shoes are SUPPOSED to be tight, but these hurt more than any I'd used before. I went with the assumption that they'd stretch enough to be comfortable, and they definitely have!

These are comfortable, small-heeled, and way grippier than the rental shoes I was using. I am a big fan of the shape of the toe and the over all feel of the shoe.

Great Beginner Shoe 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: KaseyLee, 2010-03-12

I got these shoes @ the REI garage sale when I first started climbing. What a great find! These took me up to a 5.10 in the gym and lasted 7 months of aggressive novice climbing 2-4x per week (lots of dragging and slipping and kicking the wall in frustration). The fit is tight at first and do stretch, but not so much that you need to size down. Great shoes to learn technique in, but probably not the best to master it.

Good pair of shoes 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: minamie, 2009-03-16

I strongly suggest them for people who are a bit more than beginner. I started with coyote (also from five ten) and after 9 months of climbing, I really enjoy that new pair of shoes. They aren't too tight but just enough, and the asymmetry is just right for someone like me who want to go a little further in my progression and stability on tiny holds.

As for the design, they are specially made for women. At first, you feel the softness of the shoe and the heel is very comfortable. They also “breath” because of the numerous little aeration holes. Also, the rubber is Stealth Onixx and the grip is very good!

Good shoes for indoor climbing, and I’ll know if they are as good outdoor this summer! (I bet they are ;)

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: stevenosloan, 2006-09-13

First impression of the shoes when I put them on was dang, these things are comfortable; so I thought they were probably the wrong size. The truth is they just have a great fit and a super comfortable liner. They were sized small enough I could do a toe point or edge w/ no slip. Even with a synthetic upper they do stretch some, 1/3 to 1/2 a size. The liner also gets rather slick afterlong days sweating in them. This mixed with the sizing change can be a bit interesting when pulling hard on a heel hook.
Performance has been very good. The rubber is just as sticky if not stickier than C4 and apears to be more durable [them looking good after my bad footwork on Boat Rock's cheese grater rock can attest to that] They edge reasonably well, and once broken in are about as sensative as anasazis. The quick lacing system is nice as it allows for the precition of a lace up with the speed of velcros.
Good all around comfort shoe with a few issues 4/5

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