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Yosemite Bum

Average Rating = 4.23/5 Average Rating : 4.23 out of 5
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Get your shoes redone in TRAX high traction rubber with great friction and edge-ability.

31 Reviews

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Usually awesome service 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: anarkhos, 2011-01-25

I've sent over a dozen shoes to YB over the years. The ONLY time I had a problem is when they did a rand repair and the uppers stretched. They took the shoes back and replaced them. I have avoided the problem thus far by specifying I have narrow feet or that they should use a "narrow last" (tip for those of us who need it).

They seem to take pride in doing a good job and I've had good correspondence during the process. I'm a return customer sending shoes at least four times, one time for nine pairs or so. They did 1/2 size adjustments on a few with good results.

Highly recommended. Just give them as much info as possible.

Average 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: punk_rocker333, 2010-08-09

I have had 5 pairs of shoes resoled at YB. Two pairs of evolv demortos, one pair of evolv rockstars, one pair of Scarpa Visions, and one pair of 5.10 Galileos. I have noticed three major issues in all of my resoles with them. 1.) IF YOU SEND YOUR SHOES TO YB, THEY WILL COME BACK 1/2 TO 1 SIZE LARGER. 2.) If they are not an evolv shoe, they will come back shaped like an evolv shoe. 3.) They generally take a long time to ship back to you. I capitalized the sizing issue because that should be considered when sending them in. In regards to the second issue, I sent in 5.10 galileos (which are great for edging with their pointed toe and unique shape) only to have them come back shaped exactly like an evolv shoe. As a result, the shoe didn't fit anymore. In regards to the third issue, their delivery time has always varied between 3 weeks and 2 months for me. I would only recommend sending shoes to YB if you are getting Evolv shoes resoled (unless you don't mind having your shoes shaped like evolv shoes), don't mind an increase in size (i.e. getting a pair of comfy shoes for long routes and crack), and if you aren't in a hurry. Their work is good, the rubber is sticky, and your shoes will never delaminate.

Never got my shoes back 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: USnavy, 2009-07-30

I sent two pairs of shoes in and simply never got them back. It was like mailing them to a black hole.

YB the works was ok! the price was not what I expected!!! 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: ediceus, 2008-04-12

My mistake was not getting an estimate in writing , the shoes look good and the service
was good, but not worth the price..... hopefully they will hold up...I will not
use them again.

Sometimes great sometimes just shitty 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: hyhuu, 2008-03-11

In the past I general had good and quick turn around services. But lately it took so much longer and on my last resole, they botched the rand repair on the left shoe of my Kaos. In all of my years climbing, I never had a hole in the rand of any of the shoes. When it's getting too thin I sent them in for a replacement. For my Kaos, which was on its third resole, they cut a small piece of the rand and patched it with a piece of rubber. But the job was so poorly done that there were gaps between the old rand and the new rubber and glueing job was also shitty. I consider sending it back but since I decide I'm going to get a new pair anyway, I figure that it shoes should hold up for a while. Turned out I was wrong, after using the shoes twice, the patch work started to disintegrate. I email them and got a response insinuating that it was not a deficiency of their work but instead it was a result of normal wear. Needless I was pissed. In hindsight I should have sent the shoes back right away but that also mean another 4 weeks w/o my shoes - a total of 2 months. They are also very slow responding to my emails. Since my experiences were both both good and bad, I gave them an average rating. I'll be looking for another resoler with better customer service.

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