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Delire Red Point Station

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This is by far the best hangboard I have used. It is gentle on the tendons and very grippy. There are 4 rails of differing sizes, from 1/2 pad to about 2 pads wide, 2 different finger pockets about 1 pad and 1-1/2 pads deep, 3 really good pinches, and some slopers and jugs on top. I like this board for it's pinch options, as other boards out there just don't seem to incorporate pinches with the pockets and rails as much as this one does. You cannot get this in the USA, but have to order from Mountain Equipment Coop in Canada. It took about a week to get it, and it's very affordable for what you get. It also comes pre-mounted on a backing board and includes wall screws which is great! The manufacturer does not have any workout regime to follow, as with Metolius, Nicros, and some others that are unique to their boards, so I developed my own based on the outline that Rockprodigy did on this site. Many thanks to him, I thought his workout rocked! I've put together both a beginner and advanced workout for this board which you all can modify however you like. It's attached as a JPEG file which should appear on this page (I hope). The rails on the workouts are numbered from 1-4 with 1 being the bottom rail and 4 being the top. The rest you'll figure out. All in all, I friggin' love this board (I've used 2 Metolius boards in the past) and would buy it again in a second. The only think I would change is to make the slopers a bit more slopey, they are almost flat on the very top.

Delire Red Point StationDelire Red Point Station

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