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Armaid - Self Care Therapy for Forearms, Wrist, Hand and Elbow Problems

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Pain in your elbow? Losing your grip? Armaid is a true therapy device, not a brace or splint, that relieves core elbow and arm muscle problems. Armaid uses the power of a lever and a professional technique called trigger point therapy to let climbers relieve their own elbow, forearm, wrist and hand problems. Invented by a sports therapist to relieve pain and maintain full range of motion and strength in hands and arms. Do not use unless you are self motivated to handle your own therapy. Guaranteed to work for you or your money back. Armaid is built rugged for a lifetime of use. Take it anywhere, use it anytime you need it. Weighs 1 lb.

1 Review

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tennis elbow 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: bkboyd, 2009-04-05

I recently developed a bad case of tennis elbow in both arms. Early onset was characterized by a dull ache in my forearms, followed by more pronounced pain in the forearms, then sharp pain in the elbows. My ortho suggested massage as one possible treatment option. I had several sessions of deep tissue and trigger point massage that were very helpful in alleviating pain. The downside of massage is that the sessions are expensive and time consuming.

The Armaid device does a great job at approximating deep tissue. When you insert your arm in the device, one side has a rubber roller, while the other side has three rotating balls. You can either roll your arm through the device, or focus on trigger points. By gripping the top of the device, you can adjust the pressure. Having tried other self-massage tools, none have been able to come up with a level of intensity of a trigger point session with a masseuse as well as the armaid. You can also adjust the degree of firmness by swapping out parts there are three sets of roller balls that range from hard to soft.

By rotating the device, you can also massage the lower side of your forearms. You could also use this on biceps and triceps as well. I spent most of my day at a keyboard, and have starting using this to massage my hands as well.

Ive incorporated the armaid into a broader set of activities stretching, weights, heat and cold and Ive been able to resume climbing after taking about six weeks off. Overall, I think it has been very helpful.

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