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The Far End Hauler popular

The Far End Hauler

Here you can see a photo of the FAR END HAULER set up prior to my solo of Lunar Eclipse.

Please click to link above to understand what this is and how it works. Also note that in the link above, the post I wrote appears in freeclmr's name because I used his laptop and typed it on the way to Yosemite!

The Far End Hauler should be set up ahead of time and is imperative when you are either soloing, or you must make really horrible hauls where your rope would get trashed were it moving.

As you will read in the link above, the Far End Hauler allows you to haul the pig FROM the pig, and save rope abrasion since the haul line does not move.

Starting at the top, you see the inverted compound pulley, which in this case is the purple Wall Hauler. You could use an inverted Grigri or even a Garta knot, though a compound pulley like a Petzl Traxion is best since it won't slip, and does not create friction like the other setups.

Beneath the Wall Hauler is the Inverted Compound Pulley Designated Locker, which is turned edge-on with the locking gate facing towards the camera.

There are two things connected into the upper locker. The first is the Haul Line Backup Locker into which you can see an alpine butterfly knot has been tied leaving the appropriate amount of slack.

Also connected into this upper locker is the top of the gold-coloured swivel which is highly recommended if not darn near fundamental when using the Far End Hauler.

Note that the backup knot must be tied ABOVE the swivel, so it doesn't wrap around the pig as the pig rolls across the face. Duh.

Beneath the swivel you see the Master Suspension Point Locker. I use this because I am hauling two pigs. You must never put your pigs one above the other - rig two of them side by side as shown.

Beneath the Master Suspension Point you see two standard shoulder-length slings, one of which is red, the other purple, attaching the Suspension Point of each pig to the Master. By quadrupling the slings as shown, you will have them the right length. They need to be shorter than you might think.

The gates of each Suspension Point Locker need to face outwards as shown.

On top of the Suspension Point Locker of each pig, you will see starting on the inside, a designated Docking Tether Attachment Locker, which can either be a regular locker, or in this case, a Mexican locker [standard locker whose gate has been taped shut]. You can see the yellow duct tape securing each Mexican Locker.

The reason you use these extra carabiners, rather than just putting the Docking Tether straight onto the Suspension Point Locker of each pig is to prevent abrasion on the Docking Tether. It also gives you an extra degree of freedom.

Attached to each of the Docking Tether Attachment Lockers by way of a figure 8 on a bight are the Docking Tethers, which I have made from pieces of 7mm cord about five metres long. The left docking tether hangs straight down between the bags and is yellowy-brown in colour. The right docking tether is red and hangs down the middle of the right bag just left of centre.

Easier to see on the right bag and next to the Docking Tether Attachment Locker, but still present on the left, is the Catch Lines Locker. You can click here to read about Catch Lines, and how they make life so much easier by making space in your pig!

Moving from the left side and starting from Wee-Wee the Big Wall Crab and working rightwards, you can see the five Catch Lines I have set up - turquoise, purple, black/yellow, [left docking tether, right docking tether] red and green/yellow.

Finally, on the outside of each Suspension Point are the Haul Bag Strap Load Release Knot Cords, essentially a mini-docking tether on the shortened strap of each haul bag, so you don't have to fight to unclip a crab each time you want to open the pig.

If you're soloing, don't leave the ground without setting up this Far End Hauling System Note that everything remains the same, even if hauling only one bag.

The Far End Hauler is is also of benefit when you climb with a partner if you are Leading In Blocks. This is because you may be cleaning the pitch and hauling by yourself if your leader has already taken off on the next pitch. If the bag gets stuck, you will need to go down and free it.

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