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About Wanxian (万仙):

This national park consists of a handful of valleys surrounded by 100-200 meter cliffs. It includes dozens of sport and traditional routes, and many more potential routes that are as yet unclimbed. It includes the villages of Guoliand and Changping.
Nearest town or city: Xinxiang
Directions: From Xinxiang, exit the train station onto 自由大街 (Ziyou Dajie, "Freedom Road") and take a bus to Huixian (辉县), about 45 minutes. These buses run regularly. From Huixian, there are buses to Wanxian every 90 minutes from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Alternatively, a taxi from Xinxiang could be hired for a few hundred RMB.
Latitude, Longitude: 35.72596, 113.62617
Access Issues: Access to the park (as of 2012) costs RMB80 for the ticket plus RMB45 for a bus pass. Purchasing the bus pass is mandatory, though it is useful as there is no other public transportation in the park. The park is designated for climbing, and there are no restrictions on routes. There are plenty of "farmers' houses" to stay in, even during the super-crowded peak seasons; camping is not officially allowed, but certainly can be done without issue.
Camping: Free
When to Climb: Spring
Quantity of Climbs: Lifetime