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About Lombardia:

1= Milano and suburbs
2= the Bergamo and Lecco area between the lakes of Como/Lecco and Iseo
3= the Valtellina, Sondrio, Bernina range
4= the Adamello range
5= the area around Brescia and the SW banks of Lago di Garda.

Lombardia is a vast, dense and rich region of Italy, including most of the left bank of the river Pō and its wide valley (la pianura), but also many mountaineous areas in the North to the Swiss border, including :
- the Bergamasque Alps, North of the city of Bergamo between the Lago di Como (W) and the Lago d'Iseo (E),
- the Bernina range, North of the city of Sondrio and North of the Bergamasque Alps from which its sepaated by the Valtellina (of the river Adda),
- the western part of the Ortles range (shared with the Trentino) in the NE,
- the Adamello range in the E (shared with the Trentino as well), separated from the bergamasque Alps by the river Oglio,
- lower groups between the Lago d'Iseo and the Lago di Garda.
Wide lakes are also extremely famous, among them the Lago Maggiore (NW limit of Lombardia) and the Lago di Garda (NE limit of this region).

NB : Arco and its surrounding areas, and the Dolomites DO NOT belong to this region.