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Photos tagged with "hottie"


Average Rating = 3.80/5 Pumpaholic

2dudes and a blonde @ the pump wall OBCA
Submitted by: markguycan on 2006-02-15
Views: 3897 | Comment: 1
Valarie on Animatrix - V1+

Average Rating = 3.82/5 Valarie on Animatrix - V1+

Valarie Heredia on the short and powerful Animatrix. Photo by socalbolter.
Submitted by: socalbolter on 2006-07-27
Views: 8428 | Comments: 71
Summit of Mt Hood

Average Rating = 3.60/5 Summit of Mt Hood

Climbed Mt Hood from the ski area parking lot. Hogsback ridge, past the schrund and up to the summit
Submitted by: alpinebunny on 2006-09-25
Views: 8193 | Comments: 2
Carola en Acrofobia

Average Rating = 3.68/5 Carola en Acrofobia

Carola lanzando por el crux de la ruta, justo al salir del desplome.
Submitted by: greatgarbanzo on 2006-12-02 | Last Modified: 2006-12-03
Views: 6116 | Comments: 13
Jimborella en Travesía Húmeda

Average Rating = 3.97/5 Jimborella en Travesía Húmeda

Justo en el comienzo de la travesía.
Submitted by: greatgarbanzo on 2006-12-13 | Last Modified: 2006-12-19
Views: 9115 | Comments: 28
Fancy Footwork

Average Rating = 4.00/5 Fancy Footwork

Annie, Annie, are you Ok?
Submitted by: markguycan on 2006-12-18
Views: 2689 | Comment: 1
Sit Down, then Start!

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Sit Down, then Start!

"Would you like to climb with us?"
Submitted by: greatgarbanzo on 2006-12-19 | Last Modified: 2007-01-05
Views: 7531 | Comments: 24
Solo para Chicas

Average Rating = 3.81/5 Solo para Chicas

Jimborella and Luz taking the name of the route very seriously "For Girls Only"
Submitted by: greatgarbanzo on 2006-12-19
Views: 12656 | Comments: 30
Just before impact

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Just before impact

Want a reason to buy a helmet? She reached the top anchors... sadly, an accidental slip blew her off the wall in a extrange position. It took her several weeks to recover fisically... mentally she is still working on it. No more leading for a while.
Submitted by: greatgarbanzo on 2007-01-16 | Last Modified: 2007-01-18
Views: 2820 | Comments: 4
Luz en El Destrepe

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Luz en El Destrepe

La salida del bloque es el crux... requiere de buena elasticidad (como podeis observar).
Submitted by: greatgarbanzo on 2007-01-16 | Last Modified: 2007-01-23
Views: 3152 | Comments: 0

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