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Average Rating = 4.00/5 Wesley

free solo climbing again
Submitted by: chaserichter on 2007-02-20
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Sea of Tranquility

Average Rating = 4.83/5 Sea of Tranquility

Michael Reardon soloing the eight-pitch "Sea of Tranquility" (5.11+/A0) at the Needles, CA. Three hundred yards away and dangling fifty feet over the edge of the Witch formation, I still couldn't get the wide-angle lens to show the lower half of this climb. Shot in October, the colors were stunning in the distant mountains, and luckily Michael wore a bright red jacket, otherwise he would have been completely lost in the photo.
Submitted by: Damon.Corso on 2007-03-08
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Reardon soloing The Pirate

Average Rating = 4.50/5 Reardon soloing The Pirate

Michael and I have known each other long before I became a photographer and he became known as a soloist. One day, he mentioned a route that he was going to solo and wanted to know if I wanted to snap some pictures. It sounded like we would have a typical climbing day, but little did I know what he had in mind. I wish I had a bit more time to set up the shot I wanted to take, but I also did not want to stop Michael when he was ready, so instead I got into position and let the camera do the best it could.
Submitted by: Damon.Corso on 2007-03-08
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Devil Knows the Details

Average Rating = 5.00/5 Devil Knows the Details

I've been working with the petrala crew in getting a climbing film together and wanted to do something with Michael. We had been concentrating on bouldering in Joshua Tree when Michael mentioned a boulder he thought might be a good one to shoot. It wasn't until we walked over to check out this first ascent he had done that I realized his idea of a "highball" was a bit different than ours! Michael calls it "The Devil Knows the Details" and even with gear it's a bold lead, as a solo, it's a classic all of it's own. A few months later, I wandered the desert with him as he soloed 1,000 routes in 30 days, but that's a story for another day. (Photo by: Damon Corso)
Submitted by: Damon.Corso on 2007-03-30
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Reardon on Spooky

Average Rating = 4.33/5 Reardon on Spooky

Michael Reardon running a lap on the two-pitch classic "Spooky" (5.9) at the Needles, CA. It was October and though there were spots of snow on the trail, the day ended up being perfect temperatures for Michael to run a circuit while I got to lead a handful of pitches as well. Right after this picture was taken, I got on a rope and led it which gave me a different perspective of just how committing this solo is! (Photo by: Damon Corso)
Submitted by: Damon.Corso on 2007-03-30
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