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Aug 21, 2009, 12:35 PM

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Re: [blueeyedclimber] Climbing advise
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It doesn't take reason or intelligence to google something and provide a quote. Unfortunately, the quotes provide do not address the topic, which is whether a grip trainer will help a brand new climber.

But it does take a margin of intelligence to create a logical argument. Providing quotes found on the internet is only a means to support my position. Assuming the sources are credible.

I have done that, then my sources were called not credible.

Once I provided credibility, they were then dismissed or ignored. BUT that's how an illogical person argues: Sans logic.

If we can agree that using a grip strength and/or forearm trainer will increase strength in one's forearms, then the quotes certainly DO address the topic.

If you DON'T think that the forearm trainer i mentioned will increase strength in one's forearms, well then the topic HASN'T been addressed. if you think that using the device i SPECIFICALLY mentioned WON'T increase the strength of climbing-specific muscles, then I again say.. you're being silly.

With the BD device, you're gripping with resistance. That will build up the muscles that one uses to grip while climbing. (fingers/thumbs/forearm flexors) and to further this... using the other device i mentioned - therabar - can be used to strengthen the forearm extensors.

Will having a stronger grip and more grip endurance make a climber better? No... not by itself.

Where it will help them is by allowing them to have LONGER climbing sessions. Which means they can spend MORE TIME climbing... which means MORE TIME to learn the finesse of climbing and develop the skills (and overall muscle/tendon strength) necessary to become a better climber.

This whole discussion was born of that thought. Will using a BD ring strengthen climbing-specific muscles... and will stronger climbing-specific muscles help a new climber.

shockabuku said: Maybe you could highlight the part where it says a forearm trainer will help you become a better climber?

re-read my above and you'll have your answer.

If you can recall your days as a newbie... you'll remember that you could only climb a few routes before you were too pumped out to go on, as a more seasoned climber that is no longer an issue.

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